We are born knowing nothing.

For me, it lasted a bit longer.

When I went back to college to study music at age 30+, I didn’t know the notes on the bass clef … and I was a bass/baritone.

Some amazing teachers ignored the fact and took me from ignorance to excellence.

That was a living example of the importance of trying to help people no matter what level they are starting at.

I try to help everyone I meet.

I’ve always had events, workshops, and masterminds for people just starting out because that’s crucial for their development.

But today I want to talk about excellence, and I have a confession.

I have a “not so secret” UNFAIR advantage, and you might want it too.

Nope …

It’s not WHAT I know, and not WHO I know, although I know some remarkable people.

People keep telling me that I have “a network to die for,” but it’s not JUST the extended network of hundreds of thousands that creates that unfair advantage.

Maybe you can relate to this.

I’ve always had this craving to work with the very best.

I’ve been accused of having a “brain fetish.”

I LOVE brilliant people!

Do you know the feeling?

You talk to someone and suddenly you feeling like your brain just grew three sizes!

There are some incredible people out there with brilliant minds and even better hearts.

But …

Maybe you haven’t run across any yet.

Maybe you’ve felt a passing flash of light at a conference, or a conversation that made your whole world go upside down.

It just doesn’t last.

I know those people exist because I get to spend time with them on a weekly basis.

My “UNFAIR” advantage is a remarkable group of wonderful friends … all hand-picked.

Now that sounds nice for me, but what about you?

If you want to work with really brilliant thought-leaders, it’s not so easy when you are getting started.

You can buy your way in – assuming that you have enough money.

You know the route. Sign-up for expensive programs and seminars hoping that you get a few moments from the guy at the top. It can work, but it’s expensive.

You need high-level mentors from a RANGE of disciplines to personally develop into the kind of person that you want to be. One is just not enough.

You can choose to start at the bottom, but what if you want to get to maximum impact as quickly as possible.

That’s where investing in yourself really pays off.

So my UNFAIR advantage is that I have a group of phenomenal people from a wide range of disciplines who really have my back, and want me to make the most of all of the time and resources I have to have the greatest impact possible.

We get together every week and hash out problems, see opportunities, and work together to make things better.

So if you are WANTING to get to maximum impact in the quickest way possible, be a part of a group like mine.


It’s not easy!

Successful people have very busy lives and to be blunt, they usually want to mastermind with people who are at or above the level they are at right now, so it’s not easy. I’ll admit that, but it IS possible.

I try to help people get there.

For everyone I work with personally in my top-level masterminds, I’ve developed a powerful Impact Assessment designed to help you see what your strengths are, what strategies and tactics you might be missing, and what your focus should be.

It’s a combination of a 26 page, intensive and comprehensive questionnaire followed by a private, one-on-one consultation with me, either in person or by telephone to go over your results.

I can help you get there, but you have to get started somewhere.

April 24th, 2014 we had the first meeting of the Impact Platinum Mastermind.

From the very start, this mastermind was hand-picked, deliberately matched, very high-level, for high achievers.

I started with the people I wanted to mastermind with the most and then invited people I thought would be a perfect match for people I first put in the group because…

  • They are already operating at a very high level.
  • They contribute in a powerful way to the group.
  • They match the spirit and goals of the group.

Imagine the people YOU most want to work with, in a group that meets every week online and several times a year in person at my events.

I handpick people for this group one by one because there’s a nagging desire in my brain to take things up a notch.

Here’s the way I think for this group …

  • Higher level, not lower.
  • A longer time frame, not less.
  • More commitment, not less.
  • Deeper involvement, not less.

Okay, not exactly a marriage, but at least a year-long relationship.

At the end of the year, we can decide if we want to extend it.

I have members in this group who have been members since day one!

April 24th, 2014.

That’s over 7 YEARS!

I’m not going to make you promise to last 7 years, so here’s the level of commitment.

  1. It’s a one-year commitment so we have the time to build those deep relationships.
  2. Weekly Online masterminds (You don’t have to be at every session because successful people are busy people,) but you won’t want to miss it.

There are some pretty significant bonuses …

  • High-level Content presentations
  • Hot Seats of Your Projects with the best of the best.
  • Free access to all of my live events and training materials while you are a member of the group.

Oh yeah, and personal mentoring from me on creating your Impact Action Plan for leveraging art, science, and technology to make your impact bigger than you ever imagined.

The current members are all invested serious entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, speakers, consultants, filmmakers, musicians, artists, visionaries, and service providers, who are hand-picked, for quality, positive generous spirit, clear synergy, and high commitment level.

The current members of this group …

well if I told you who they were, you would be impressed.

Millions of people have been impacted by their actions. Millions of dollars have been generated through their efforts.

I know you are wondering how much all this costs.

It’s not cheap, but it’s not as expensive as your first mistake.

If you really do want to be part of a group like this, there is only one way to find out if it’s a match.

  1. Answer a few simple questions (I promise you already know the answers) they aren’t tough ones.
  2. Schedule a short call with one of the members to talk about your goals and whether it’s a good match for you.

I won’t tell you who the call will be with, but if I did, you would be on the phone now, just to talk to this person.

If it’s not a match, no worries! I’ve got a lot more things to share soon!

But, if this rang a bell for you, now is the time.

There’s not a lot of room.

Here are the questions in case you are curious …

All the best,


Ken McArthur

Best-Selling Author and Producer

The Impact Factor Movie
The Impact Masterminds

About Ken McArthur

Ken challenges us to realize we ALL have an impact – whether we want to or not – on thousands of people who we touch in our day-to-day lives by demonstrating that simple things make a HUGE difference. The popular host of a series of live events that bring together top-level marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations and non-profit organizations to create multi-million dollar joint venture relationships – he creates incredible, intense impact for product launches and multi-million dollar profits in surprisingly short timeframes. Regularly asked to speak at leading marketing events, he has managed product launches ranked in the top 400 sites on the Internet. Ken McArthur is also the creator of AffiliateShowcase.com, a pioneering affiliate program search engine and directory system and the founder of the MBS Internet Research Center, which conducted the world’s largest survey ever attempted on the subject of creating and launching successful information products. Not satisfied to concentrate entirely on large organizations, Ken also works with select individuals to help them create a decent living utilizing the power of the Internet. Ken was the official mentor for Sterling Valentine as he took his launch from ZERO to over $100,000 in less than 8 days. Ken and Sterling documented the process as a “proof of concept” for Info Product Blueprint a massive home study course that is the “bible” of info product creation. Ken offers top-level coaching and mentoring programs designed to help individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations reach masses of people using the techniques, tactics strategies and systems that he has developed specifically to help people spread their ideas, products and services around the globe.

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