Seth Godin

Ken McArthur Interviews Seth Godin

I had the honor of interviewing Seth for my best-selling book “Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions, and Make a Difference in a Noisy World,” and I wanted to share two stories that he told me to help me illustrate how small actions can make a big difference, that I used as the prequel to my book, “The Impact Factor: How Small Actions Change the World.” It was a gift Seth gave me without any expectation it would ever pay off for him. Now I’d like to pass this gift onto you.

Unexpected Delivery

Here’s the secret to getting people to deliver. Don’t get them to say they will try. Don’t get them to set it as a goal. Get them to …

Crucial Deadline for jvAlert Live Philadelphia – And I’ll Buy Lunch 1

We ARE having a lunch series at jvAlert Live Philadelphia and I have some real surprises for you.

Hotels are notoriously expensive for meals, but I’m going to not only give you three lunches at my cost but I’m going to buy the first lunch for the first 20 people who sign-up for the lunch series.