Take the EVERGREEN 24 hour impact challenge.

It’s time to measure your impact! The reason most people don’t think that they make a difference is because they don’t measure it, so today I’m going to challenge you to do something for the next 24 hours. Get a simple piece of paper. Draw a vertical line down the […]

How to Win At Everything

There’s a flip side to everything. Almost anything is at least partly true. So how do you win at everything?


Got this note from Jeff Wellman.

“3 years ago today May 6th 2007 I did my first interview for my Layoff Your Boss product with the famous Heather Vale at Ken McArthur’s Get Your Product Done event in Atlanta Georgia. Was the start of my new life… Thanks Ken for sharing with others so that we can get to a point in our life to give back to others just as you have done for so many. You lead by example.”

Jeff is an amazing example of how one person can make a difference.