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The Impact School of Marketing offers both off-line and online classes, masterminds and mentoring for people who want to create a powerful, positive impact.

Authors, speakers, musicians, artists, celebrities, experts, marketers, advocates, non-profit organizations, corporations and anyone who wants to reach the masses, gain the knowledge, tools, experience and insights necessary to drive millions of people to their ideas, programs, products and services will love this school!

Pure content classroom instruction, plus powerful masterminds in a supportive extended family of top-level marketers, built with you for lifetime profits.

Studio facilities for broadcast, potential investors for great projects, Leverage multiple media channels to broaden your reach. Discover the secrets of getting radio, television and press coverage Explore how the Internet and social media can expand your audience

Experience the magic of learning to create a mass audience! Leverage multiple media channels to broaden your reach. Discover the secrets of getting radio, television and press coverage Explore how the Internet and social media can expand your audience Experience the magic of learning to create a mass audience!

We are located at: 108 Corporate Dr E, Langhorne, PA 19047.

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The Impact Platinum Mastermind

Successful people have very busy lives and to be blunt, they usually want to mastermind with people who are at or above the level they are at right now. That’s why the mix of a group like a group like this is so important.


I started with the people I wanted to mastermind with the most and then invited people that I think will be a perfect match for people I first put in the group because…

  1. They are already operating at a very high level.
  2. They will contribute in a powerful way to the group.
  3. They will match the spirit and goals of the group.

The investment to be in the group is $10,000 per year.

Imagine 6 to 12 of the people YOU most want to work within a group that meets in person three times a year for a day or two on an on-going basis with an online platform for maintaining those relationships in between the live events, plus an options 4th event just for fun.

We will decide as a group exactly where to hold the events, how to schedule them and what format the events will take.

I handpick people for this group one by one because there’s a nagging desire in my brain to take things up a notch.

  • Higher level, not lower.
  • A longer time-frame, not less.
  • More commitment, not less.
  • Deeper involvement, not less.

Okay, not exactly a marriage, but at least a year-long relationship.

At the end of the year, we can decide if we want to extend it, but here’s the level of commitment.

  • One year commitment
  • 3 – “meet in person” 1 – 2 day masterminds
  • 6 – 12 people in the mastermind
  • All invested serious entrepreneurs who are hand-picked, for quality, positive generous spirit, clear synergy, and high commitment level.

For information on Ken’s top-level mastermind groups go to:


Impact Action Workshops

Two Day Workshop Designed to Help You Create Maximum Impact …

  • Attend a special two-day intimate workshop that will teach you the Impact Action System for creating an audience of millions for your ideas, products, and services.
  • Create your own Action Plan live at the event.
  • Put that Action Plan into proactive action all the way to completion over the next 90 days.

Learn the strategies, tactics, and systems for maximizing your impact and how those principles can create exponential impact in a noisy world. 

For information on Ken’s Impact Action Plan Workshops go to:


Get Your Product Done Workshops

Even If You’ve Never Created ANYTHING, Don’t Have ANY Specialized Knowledge, Don’t Know Where To Start, Are Completely Lacking Technical Skills And Don’t Have a Clue Where to Come Up With a Great Product Idea That Will Earn You Real Profits!

“Create Your Own Profit Machine As You Smash Through EVERYTHING That is Keeping You From Achieving Your Dreams…”If you still can’t get your first info product done and you still struggle to convert your efforts into cash… and if you want a proven, practical, truly painless way to quickly overcome all of the annoying problems that hold you back from creating the life that you deserve to have right now…

… then you’re about to experience a world where you can take advantage of an amazing, team of product creation experts … and feel the joy that comes from completing your product with a special group of giving, caring people who want to help you make a significant income quickly… even if you haven’t made your first dime on the Internet yet!

You can even be a complete ‘newbie’ because …

NO experience necessary!

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at right now, our experts will take you step-by-step through the process of getting your product done in a single weekend.



One Day Intensive Events

My larger events are amazing opportunities to network and learn with the best of the best, but there’s one problem with those events for me personally — there’s just not enough time.

I purposely keep the events intimate with an absolute cap of 150 attendees, but still …  Try multiplying 150 people times the hour or more I’d LOVE to spend with each person at the event and you come up with 150 hours.  Even if I were to go 24 hours a day for three days I couldn’t spend that quality time with everyone.

But what if I could spend an entire day with you and a very small group of amazing people. Coaching and mentoring you personally on your way to success.

Small Group Mentoring!

We spend an entire day talking about YOUR projects, the roadblocks YOU were up against and how to plow through them.  We keep going until we talk about every question YOU have and explore countless opportunities.

Here’s the info for the next one!