How Should I Respond? 108

“I face the very real possibility of becoming homeless. “

I got this message in an email yesterday.

This isn’t the person’s picture, but the person who e-mailed me could be in a similar situation to the man in the picture soon.

This may be happening to someone you know and care for, if not today then soon.  I’m predicting a flood of people in this same situation.

I’m getting more and more of these types of e-mails every day and I need your help to know …

How should I respond?

I know we haven’t spoken much, nor have we met, though I hope you can help me. I’m in deep financial trouble. I have almost nothing left and if I don’t come up with some money by the end of the month, I face the very real possibility of becoming homeless. That terrifies me.

I’ve worked as hard as I can with all the resources I have available to me and while some things are in motion, the one thing I need the most has dried up completely. Cash flow. At the moment, I have none. I’m down to about $150.00 in my bank account and I have about $1,300 in credit left for cash advances on my Visa.

If I can get as little as $500.00 coming in, I can pay the minimum on the Visa and my Amex and make cash withdrawals on my Visa, but not for much longer, as you can imagine. My monthly expenses are only about $1,000.00 but I’m unable to match that.

I’m incredibly frustrated. I’ve worked as hard as I know how, even up to seven days a week and virtually everything I’ve touched has failed. I feel incredible shame even in writing this, but I have no choice anymore. I can see things getting better with the joint ventures I’m working on. The problem is that they’re taking time to come together and I’m almost out of time. I know that things will get better; I just don’t know when.

I’m not asking for a handout. I have a lot of skills and am quite capable. Unfortunately I’ve made a lot of  mistakes and it’s led me to where I am now.

I sincerely hope you can help me or point me in the right direction.”

Let me know what you think!

What kind of advice can I give this person that will really help … right now.

All the best,

Ken McArthur

And more, more, more.

About Ken McArthur

Ken challenges us to realize we ALL have an impact – whether we want to or not – on thousands of people who we touch in our day-to-day lives by demonstrating that simple things make a HUGE difference. The popular host of a series of live events that bring together top-level marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations and non-profit organizations to create multi-million dollar joint venture relationships – he creates incredible, intense impact for product launches and multi-million dollar profits in surprisingly short timeframes. Regularly asked to speak at leading marketing events, he has managed product launches ranked in the top 400 sites on the Internet. Ken McArthur is also the creator of, a pioneering affiliate program search engine and directory system and the founder of the MBS Internet Research Center, which conducted the world’s largest survey ever attempted on the subject of creating and launching successful information products. Not satisfied to concentrate entirely on large organizations, Ken also works with select individuals to help them create a decent living utilizing the power of the Internet. Ken was the official mentor for Sterling Valentine as he took his launch from ZERO to over $100,000 in less than 8 days. Ken and Sterling documented the process as a “proof of concept” for Info Product Blueprint a massive home study course that is the “bible” of info product creation. Ken offers top-level coaching and mentoring programs designed to help individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations reach masses of people using the techniques, tactics strategies and systems that he has developed specifically to help people spread their ideas, products and services around the globe.

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108 thoughts on “How Should I Respond?

    • David Yorka

      If this were a prospective client what is your approach? Do I know him? Do I know what nature of the circumstances that lead up to this moment? Do I understand his wants/needs?
      When I approach a potential client I am ready….prepared.

      I do my homework

  • Thomas Bergel

    For family and close friends, provide what help you can – privately. For acquaintances or strangers I would suggest you sympathize and refer them to action centers, catholic charities, salvation army, social services etc. This specific e-mail even though they say they are not looking for a handout are looking for a $500 loan/gift.

  • franroe

    I kind a know what your situation is I have 3 able bodied youngests that can work just can find a job either, and we are supporting them and a 1yr great granddaughter. we are both sick and they think at least 2 of them think we gonna die and leave them all our stuff.
    all I can say is Is this man really in bad shape or putting on.
    Do you know anyone in his area that may have a job part time or full time.
    If he lived around me I can put him to work for food but have no money to give. we live on $862 + what my husband get s for retirement and we are up the b-tt
    in medical bills.
    some of the churchs give free meals, salvation army can help people find a place to live. red cross might be able to help also.
    Other than that you’ve probably heard all that before

  • James Moss

    Ken I speak from the stand point of someone who has been there and now continue the fight to keep my head above water each day.
    We must try to help each other and take care that we do not become hard hearted and cold toward each other. The middle class as a whole has become unseated and is vanishing daily.
    Consult your heart and your beliefs for your own answers.


  • Jeff

    Been there myself. He says he has skills. Look for something on vWorker, Guru, Elance, even quick $5 gigs on Fiverr. It will provide some cash flow, and eventually he should make a few connections with people who see his skills and will pay more. No fun to go from making $75/hr to Fiverr, but you do what ya gotta do in today’s economy.

  • Jim Donovan

    Congratulations on having the courage to reach out.
    For starters, stop thinking about and talking about the problem. Start immediately to ask, “What can I do to change this situation?” “What resources do I have?” and so on. The law of attraction does work and, like it or not, talking about a problem only worsens it.
    Focus only on solutions. Visa is not a solution.
    Here’s a very powerful affirmation I’ve used successfully. It’s from Charles Filmore’s book “Prosperity,” written in 1936: “I have faith in the substance of God, working in and through me, to increase and bring abundance into my world.”
    Recite, write, repeat and sing this hundreds of times a day. Things will change. They will get better.
    During this time, look for j-o-b income. Ask everyone you know.
    Stop thinking about homeless. I’ve been there and it sucks, especially in winter.
    Get around positive people.
    PS Here’s a FREE “Allowing Abundance” audio and special report to help you get started in the right direction

  • Mike


    Your friend needs to take IMMEDIATE action. Find a job. If they have any internet based skills like script installation, programming, graphic design, etc. then post a “for hire” notice or ad in any of the major internet marketing forums. They can hit up Elance or Scriptlance for work for that matter too. Sell some unwanted stuff from around the apartment or house on Ebay. If they have email lists for their internet business, then do some marketing to those lists. Do any or all of the above. My point is to take charge of their situation.

    Best of luck to your friend,


  • StephanieRainbowBell

    I’m in total alignment with Jim Donovan’s xclnt advice above (below?) . . . focusing on the problem brings more of the problem. Start being grateful right here and right now for all that you DO have. Start with the fact that you are breathing, that you have clothes on, that you have limbs and organs that move and are operating. Send smiles to everyone you see — even if it’s over the phone. Visualize your heart waving hello to everyone you think of, see, speak to or connect with. Staying connected to gratitude for what you DO have and staying connected to giving LOVE will uplift your vibration and undoubtedly bring you new opportunities to move forward. If you have access to the internet — there are several resources and uplifting articles and process on my website Rainbow blessings to you!

    • TraceyTarrant

      Well said Steph. I too was going to point out that the best advice to give him is to focus on what he wants. It’s soo hard I know…especially when the wolves are at the door. But it CAN be done. Focus on what he wants, not what he doesn’t have. And emanate gratitude for everything he has.

  • Bob Yeager

    Hey Ken

    Alright, let’s do this in a way we’re not wasting time with our stories of “I remember whens”.

    It’s pretty obvious this guy doesn’t have any time to waste so:

    first he needs to list his assets (AKA skill sets)

    Then, make a list of 30-100 companies who would need those assets and skillsets.

    Now, what are those skills worth and what is the rock bottom price he could sell his services for?

    Sometimes, just sometimes, as entrepreneurs we need to put our projects on the back burner to take care of the here and now. I would suggest starting with getting a simple part time low wage job.

    I don’t care what economy we’re in, McDonald’s is always hiring.

    Second, a real plan of action, after you get the Mickey D’s job, call all of your creditors and anyone you have a fixed cost with each month:

    i.e. the electric company, heating, water, car insurance, internet/phone/cable, credit cards and spend a day or two getting your rates reudced and working out smaller payments.

    They don’t want to lose you as a customer and they sure as hell don’t want your debt. I spent days doing this when my wife was pregnant with our first child, I was laid up in a hospital bed and we had NOTHING
    coming in. We didn’t even have the $150 in the bank. The debters WILL help you, but you have to show a willingness to take care of things on your end.

    Next, even if you are running a busienss or have a job, sleep doesn’t come until the paycheck does. Do odd jobs. Trust me, there are pleanty of folks in EVERY community who cannot handle simple, everyday jobs that many of us are capable of doing.

    Such as:

    Cleaning their home, shoveling snow, cleaning gutters, washing window, taking the dogs for a walk. Charge reasonable prices and start knocking on doors. Next there are organizations like Manpower, where you sit in wait for a job to come in. You get paid
    while your waiting, and then employers come in needing temp people. There are thousands of temp jobs out there.

    Start with communicating to the people you owe money to that it IS indeed coming and work out a respectable arrangement and payment reduction plan.

    Get a part time, freelance and temp job.

    Stop spending on anything you do not ABSOLUTELY need.

    Start puting any of the income you have into debt and begin to live as simple as possible.

    Finally, make sure the whole family is on board with the plan. Trust me, the machine works the best when every gear is in motion.

    Then, begin to offer your specialized skills and services to others who absoultely need you at such a rediculously reduced cost, they’d feel idiotic not to take advantage of it.

    Always remember, it’s just as easy to make $1000 per month as it is $10,000 per month. You just have to make the right offers to the right people.

    Hope that is helpful.

    Bob Yeager

    P.S. A tip… find out if there is anyone out there in your friends niche who would be willing to do a mailing to their list for a valuable product or service they are offering.

    Have them send their own product to their own list, with your friends affiliate link. Everyone benefits, list/product owner, the list and your friend!

  • Geri Winters

    In his situation, I would have to say job. He needs to get out of the financial trouble.

    Almost anything will help. A lot of people don’t want to do jobs such as janitor, dishwasher, bus boy – OK, not glamorous work, and hard physical work for the amount of money you make, but it is something. Since a lot of people don’t want to do that kind of work, and because those jobs have high turn over, they are probably easier to get than more “prestigious jobs” that pay more, such as waiter or bartender, but even though jobs have high turnover and are fairly readily available. He may be very well qualified for other jobs, but are those other jobs available THIS WEEK? Even if he starts a job today, it will be at least 2 weeks before he is paid.

    Get a roommate for wherever he lives to share the costs. Or can he move in with family or friends until he is back on his feet? Though his monthly expenses are already pretty low, so perhaps he is already doing this.

    As someone else says, sell stuff. He can set up short auctions on eBay to get some money in quickly (something my husband and I did a few years ago when we were in great need of cash in a short time due to cash flow problems).

    Alternatively, if he really believes he has a chance on his business, he can bite the bullet, become homeless, work with a consumer credit agency to restructure his debt, and focus on making the business work. There are some pretty well-known people who have done pretty much that. I’m sure I don’t have to mention names!

    Something I have learned from my travels to some very poor countries, to some extent, poverty is in your mind. I have met people with almost nothing who will still invite you to their home to share their handful of lentils and rice. They do not think of themselves as poor.

    If you think of yourself as destitute with no options, then that is what you see. If you think of yourself as living on quite limited means but with options, well that changes things, at least to the degree of getting rid of the panic, which can lead to getting clarity on options, which can lead to opportunities, etc.

    Just my thoughts –


  • Felicia Slattery

    Tell your friend to get a job for goodness sakes!!

    There are usually retail jobs available — Starbucks is always hiring. Wait staff at restaurants are always needed – and having done that I can tell you the cash tips are nice! Grocery stores need staff to stock shelves, check people out, etc.

    If he’s flexible enough to work 7 days a week from home, then by all means… take a job or a shift that others don’t want. They often pay a little better, too. To get to $1000 per month is pretty easy. If he gets a job at even $10 per hour and works a full-time 8-hour shift, that’s $80 per day. Times 5 days per week that’s $400 per week or $1600 per month. More than covers his expenses and will also start to pay down credit card debt.

    He can work his desired business — that is currently not bringing him anything– when he’s off work and use his skills then.

    If he has a reason he cannot work outside the home due to medical issues, physical limitations, etc., then I agree with Jeff who said to hustle online gigs thru elance, fiverr, odesk, etc.

    One final idea– take his marketing to the local community. Find a free breakfast, lunch, or after hours networking meeting happening every day of the week and get there, meet people and tell them what you can do for them and ask for referrals. Call everyone you know — that entire stack of business cards and either ask for a job, a reference, or to do them a service. If they say no, ask them to refer you to someone else who might be able to help.

    Please, please people — if you’re not making money online, stop buying things that teach you how to make money online. Use what you already have. There is no magic pill. And it’s tough. Things have changed. Buyers are more cynical and are more careful with their cash. There are no internet cash machines.

    That doesn’t mean it’s not possible — lots of us are making money online. But you’ve got to get some momentum going and in the meantime you need income. It’s ok to get a job for 6-12 months while you build your business. It’s called being responsible and that’s a good thing! (And I’ not implying that this person is not responsible… I’m just saying all the hype out there about working for yourself and not having a job is crap if you’re not paying your basic expenses and bills.)

    Good luck to your friend. I hope he finds something useful in the comments here and at Tobri.
    Felicia Slattery

    • Adam Urbanski

      Hey Ken… and Felicia…

      Ditto to Felicia’s wise words. I’m a huge fan of tough love. You know my story, Ken. I started with $194, no place to live, no connections, not even speaking the English language and turned it into millions – because I never gave in to the situation at hand and always looked at possibilities and opportunities (a nod to Jim Donovan’s post here ;-))

      This person didn’t find himself in this situation overnight but through consistent stupid behavior. Now he wants to be rescued instead of taking responsibility and doing what needs to be done.

      For example, instead of the message he sent you, he could’ve written a different one offering to be your “gofer” (you know “go for this, go for that” person) for $10/hour. And asking who else do you know that needs a $10/hour gofer who will do anything for a buck! But he chooses to just say “poor me”… I’m scared… someone help me make the right decision!

      Ken, point him in the right direction. Tell him to stop reading every free ebook he can find, calling into every free teleseminar he comes across, get of his ass and get a job that puts his skills to a good use.

      Just my $.02

      Now, do you want to know how I really feel about this? LOL!


      • weswyatt

        I’ve been highlighting my favorite portions of responses – and the following is from yours.

        “…I never gave in to the situation at hand and always looked at possibilities and opportunities…”

        Great job Adam!

        Have a DYNAMITE year!

      • Richard Posner

        Adam, Please refrain from being quite so smug because of where you came from (your story) and what you have accomplished (your judgment). From your looks, you are still relatively young and likely (over time) to trip up again yourself . Life does that to us, no matter how squeaky-clean we may try to be. You are a tad too young to assume “I have arrived and I’m self-made forever.” And until you come back from the other side (Great Product!), you have no way to judge what another person’s level of stupidity is other than from looking at his profit-and-loss statement. That’s quite a shallow approach. There’s a bigger picture here than you are drawing.

    • weswyatt

      Hey Felicia –

      First and foremost – great response!

      “Please, please people — if you’re not making money online, stop buying things that teach you how to make money online. Use what you already have. There is no magic pill. And it’s tough. Things have changed. Buyers are more cynical and are more careful with their cash. There are no internet cash machines.”

      Truer words have not been spoken!

      Second – we’re FINALLY going to get to meet face to face! I’ll be a panelist with you at JV Alert Live in Orlando – and can’t wait!

      Until then – keep up the great work and have a DYNAMITE weekend!

    • Br

      Your advice appears to coated with apathy and disdain. Was it so wrong for Nathan to ask for some advice and be pointed in the right direction. His tone was respectful and he said “I’m not looking for a hand out”. I’m sure being on Ken’s list he’s been pitched several times or more, but he cannot asked to be pointed in the right direction? He has the skills but obviously something wasn’t gelling.

      He was sharing something painful and yet was being clear that he would appreciate any direction, and was respectful to Ken. He must have some respect in Ken to have even reached out as he did with something that can be looked at as shameful.

      Are you the type of Guru that thinks of their subscribers as number — your ATM or do you just press the delete button when you get a reply from a pitch you send out? Or maybe you have a noreply email address to prevent that and go to no man’s land email account that you don’t reply to. Well, it would not be fair from me to judge even it appears from your response you would be that way.

      I’m just curious, because the email was not nasty or demanding yet you respond in such an apathetic way — and almost as you are offended. So operating a business online doesn’t allow you to provide some advice for someone that is need. Ken is in the business to helping people make money online. Do you not think if Ken could help this person or if you could help someone on your list that they would not turn into your biggest fan and supporter and help build the business.

      I don’t see why you would respond the way you did for the guy was down on his luck and reaching out to a professional that may be able to help him. He may have purchased a product, or had been a loyal subscriber for some time.

      Do you know how embarrassing and hard it is especially for a man to admit that he’s having financial problems? Not only that — it was displayed in the open for many to see.

      Who knows in the future he could be a top affiliate of Ken’s some day… you never know how things can take a turn.

      It’s amazing that many people running online businesses have a hands off approach in dealing with potential prospects and have the guru mentality that people don’t deserve my wisdom because I’m… and I can charge $$$…/hr. Treating people with respect dignity and giving them the benefit of the doubt can be an investment that will pay back a 100 times fold.

      Sure, there are some people that may not look back, and give back in someway but I don’t think this is a case of it happening, and we can never worry about that.

      It’s also ignorant to assume that a technical writer could get any kind job that is available even when he does not have a the experience. Employers don’t hire anyone — they look for experience, no matter how low of a wage they pay.

      Before being so judgmental, you want to consider that what ever you sow in life will come back to you. Hopefully, you will learn from the attitudes of those here reached out with empathy and not be closed minded in the future. Many people that are very successful, had at one point been in a place of despair.

      Some of them just needed a little direction or inspiration, and I’m sure when some people become great successes will remember both those who offered a hand and those who offered scorn.

      I’ve seen some big name internet marketers, but I’m the most impressed with those that shown great character and mercy — that I have never heard of before.

  • Ross Goldberg

    Swallow your pride and do whatever you can. I have a family to support and expenses way higher and always make ends meet.

    There was a time when I had trouble paying my bills. There was a different time where I couldn’t afford milk or food for my kids. Every single time, I pulled through it.

    Use what you have. Use what you know.

    Run a WSO on the warrior forum for article writing, blog installs, ghost writing (creating a product), video editing, etc…

    Post to craigslist offering to help out companies in need. (as posted earlier) is a solution. Make that $1,000 $5 at a time.

    Fight through it and stop wallowing. Action will make your money.

    Lovingly – 😉

    Ross Goldberg


      Hallo Ken, Hallo Linda, hallo respected friend

      How to “just money”?

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  • Mark Joyner

    Well, until we change the financial system away from one where inflation is an inbuilt part of the process, this will get worse no matter what we do.

    Individually, he’s got to get out there and hustle harder and smarter. (we all do)

    As a nation we need to demand a financial overhaul.

    Part of the Fed’s mandate is to minimize inflation. On the face of it this is a sham since the very operation of the system itself creates inflation.

    Do your own research on this. Dismiss the histrionic rantings and stick to the facts.

    Ignoring this situation is no longer acceptable.

    Mark Joyner

    • Glen Wayne

      Mark, your comment was spot on. This needs fixed and it affects Americans but other countries as well. All of these financial shenanigans went on… involving absolute corruption and not one person is being brought to trial for some of the worst financial crimes in history! You are right Mark. There needs to be a complete overhaul.

  • Shirley D. Young

    If homelessness is imminent, a #1 priority should be shelter. After he finds a roof over his head, then he can concentrate on a resume and have someplace to come home to after a hard day of job seeking.
    Almost every town has a homeless shelter, or shelters. They can assist him with food, too, which is one of the three basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Salvation Army can help with clothing.
    Find a phone book, easy enough, and turn to the yellow pages and look under social services.
    In dire emergencies, go to the township trustee’s office in his township. They can offer him a voucher for rent or other needs that they will assess during his interview.
    If there are children involved, the town’s Office Of Family And Children has a program called TANIF. There is WIC for small children.
    Has he applied for unenployment compensation. That should be a must do.
    Our town has a phone number to dial which is 211. 211 is a social services switchboard where you tell the operator your needs and she will give you the best phone numbers to dial.
    Locate a community kitchen, too. You will be provided with a hot lunch during the week.
    I would say to get these things done as a number one priority, then assess your skills. The unemployment agency can help there, too.
    If you are over 55, try the Area 10 Agency on Aging. You will find resources there, too.
    If all of the above fails, which it won’t, but it it does, the go directly to the American Red Cross and tell them your situation.
    All of the above is more proactive than holding up a cardboard sign in the middle of winter.
    Until his housing goes through, he can sit at the public library during the day to work on his resume.
    Also, go to the city’s housing authority and get on a Section 8 waiting list for HUD assisstance with his rent.
    Goodwill is a good place to look for a very fast job. They hire people in this exact situation.
    Also you can get paid by donating plasma at places like BioLife. Up to $60.00 per week.
    Good luck and as your are doing these above things, join Tobri and start sending me emails as to your progress.

  • Sheilahope

    Hello Ken, A Happy New Year to you.
    I had the pleasure of working with homeless people, mainly females for over 16 years. Their problems were many and variable. Their circumstances for becoming homeless were the same. A high percentage being for no fault of their own. Just circumstances and fate! It could happen to anyone. Indeed it does happen to’anyone.’ It could be you, or it could be me.
    Money problems?! This gentleman needs the advice of a professional in the field of finance. In my country, UK, we do have the right help available. But the journey isn’t an easy one. However, that said, it can be sorted and it certainly offers a better future than the one he may be envisaging at this moment in time. I am fortunate in that I have gained many contacts during my years of working with the homeless, so I would put that knowledge to good use and take him along to an appropriate source. This would be to access the services of a financial advisor through one of the charities that we have available here. Such as, the Citizens Advice Bureau. They contact the people that the money is owed to and negotiate with them on behalf of the client. It could mean that this gentleman declares himself bankrupt. Or not. It would have to be talked through.
    For my own personal part, I would offer him the support that he deserves. We all deserve support during difficult times. I would persuade him that the future is brighter than the one he is now seeing through the fog of a blurred vision. I would encourage him to look beyond the darkness that is slowly suffocating him and convince him that it can be dispersed and he still has a life to live. And to live well althoug it may be a little different from the one he has known previously. Change happens and we can and do adapt. And more often than not, the ‘change’ that we may be so afraid of, turns out to be the best thing for us.

    Hope this helps in some way. I would wish the gentleman concerned a happy and brighter furure. I believe that and so I know it will happen.

    Bye for now.

  • davelakhani

    Ken –

    Mine will not be a popular response.

    A couple of things about this post bother me a lot. First are the number of responses that say “The Law of Attraction Works, Don’t Think About The Problem.” What a load of crap! If you cut your arm should you just be grateful that you didn’t cut it off? No, you should attend to the would immediately. Which would involve assessing the situation and taking action which could include asking for help. There is no LOA, no tooth fairy and no magic Jesus, there is just our effort to control our situation whether the effort is correct or not.

    The second thing is that no one has pointed out the obvious, if he doesn’t have the resources and hasn’t been successful so far it is unlikely he will be in time (if ever) to save himself. A little tough love and truth goes a long way here. The biggest majority of people who buy internet marketing products, attend seminars etc., will never make their investment back, much less make a living. Often because they won’t try more often because the information they got was incomplete. That may come as a surprise coming from me, but it is the simple truth. Most of the crap passed off as “business opportunities” in this industry is totally incomplete or ineffective and the people buying it don’t have a chance from the beginning unless they have significant business experience to begin with.

    Finally, everyone has rightfully pointed out some very good things this person could and should do, get a job, sell their stuff, look at fiverr etc., but what no one has offered is to step up and leverage their list and their network to help that person find a job (granted, you need their resume and their experience first). It is very easy to sit back and armchair quarterback someone like this, it is a lot tougher to get into the fray and say let me help. I find this particularly troublesome when the LOA and religionists don’t think to do this. I’ve done it dozens of times since this economy has changed and it works. If you really care about something like this you have to be ready to step in and get your hands dirty and help if in fact the person does truly want something more than a handout . . . and that is a very real possibility too.

    If you want to help him and thousands like him, create a site where you (not you personally, but all off us) don’t care if you make money or not, show them step by step guaranteed processes they can use to create a few hundred dollars a month predictably. Give them real tutorials on how to write the code they need, create the graphics they need, upload the software they need, drive the traffic they need etc. Give them access to it for free, then hold them accountable to creating a real income on their own.

    Dave Lakhani

    • AEW

      Of all the posts I read here I liked DaveLakani’s and Linda’s the best.
      First, it isn’t easy to ask for help and he seemed sincere to me. I would bet that for everyone like him there’s many more that just would never ask. You hear it all the time build a relationship with your list. What now, when there isn’t an optin but a real person? I saw a lot of people saying, I was there once, but only 1 person offered to have him write articles for him. Honestly,many of you are probably already outsourcing some of your work. Fiverr will only net him $4 per task let’s get real here.

      The guy has been online so he knows more that the average man on the street. No one asked what he has done that didn’t work maybe with a small tweak it would. Anyone need help with JV’s or recruiting affiliates sounds like he is already doing that in some fashion. Seems many of the people here are just full of themselves.

      I haven’t tried this but with so many empty foreclosures one might offer to house sit a property. Could even just be an empty house for sale in a decent neighborhood offer to watch it and maintain it- temporary but beats a shelter and it’s doable. Offline jobs, something fast and easy that pays a wage + tips bartender even pizza delivery.

      I even like the (pizza money) program might be able to do 2.5-3K in a week with that. Maybe even look into some crowdsourcing sites like kickstarter,profounder,quirky,rockethub, or Kapipal.

      Hmm, he has1300 line on his card. Why not loan him the money yourself at a decent return and charge his card in 30, 60 days if he doesn’t pay.

      • davelakhani

        Great response, and I’d agree that giving him money is probably the wrong idea, but providing a way to help him provide support for himself might be. That said, if he is going to lose his home pitching in and helping him find shelter would be very helpful and many people offered solutions to that.

        I would caution Ken NOT to loan him the money and ding his card later, in addition to probably getting Ken’s merchant account shut down the likelihood of him having the money on his card in 30 or 60 days is nearly nil if his situation is as dire as he says.


    • ericabiz

      Hi Dave,

      I did create that resource in response to a similar email I received:

      It is a totally free blog post showing 20 ways to make money online fast–with NO affiliate links, etc. I don’t make any money off the post directly; it’s just my way of giving back.

      It ranks well in the search engines for several “make money online” terms, so it gets a lot of traffic. And I get a lot of emails from people who have just read it.

      Unfortunately, most of the emails I get from people who have read it complain that they don’t have any of the skills needed to make money using these methods, or that it takes too much work.

      Many people create excuses instead of creating value, and that’s where the real issue is. And that’s why you see a whole lot of people who have made millions online–some of the biggest Internet marketers–telling this guy to get a job.

      Stop making excuses for where you are, and start figuring out what the value is that you provide. You have to offer something that people can pay for, and you have to put in a lot of hours at the beginning to perfect your craft. There is no magic bullet.


      • davelakhani

        Erica –

        Your post is a great overview of a few things that virtually anyone can do, sell their stuff on ebay for example, but most of the items require a skill set beyond most people i.e., taking and selling stock photos (a very hard business to make real money in) or editing audio. Can they learn it? Sure, but do they have the resources to learn it and do they have the money in the moment to buy SoundForge (in this case the guy appears to but it may not be the best use of his money, the best use of the money may be to retain shelter).

        I applaud you for giving people a great list of places to start if they are at the stage of saying “I have to do something quick.” But when homelessness is imminent then they need something that is going to provide a sustainable, subsistence income immediately. Even my solution of creating a site like I suggested probably doesn’t fill that gap.’

        I agree with you that many people create excuses for not achieving success and many people don’t fully implement what they’ve learned. But that is really irrelevant when it comes to being without basic necessities like a place to live. When it gets to that place, oftentimes people are paralyzed by the very real prospect of losing everything. I think the reason you are seeing some of the biggest internet marketers telling the person to get a job is because that is the exact right thing to do. You get the money and then work on building something on the back end. Take care of survival issues first. It is the very rare person who (truthfully) builds an empire while living on a park bench or in their car.

        There are no magic bullets when it comes to building a business, that is for sure. BUT, internet marketers need to stop selling their products as if they are magic bullets and everyone who buys them will have instant success and when they don’t they will if they just buy the next magic bullet, it just isn’t true.

        I hope everyone who is looking for simple extra income businesses to supplement their income to make ends meet will read your report, it is a great resource.


  • Pepperfire

    I just want to say that the Law of Attraction Crap DOES too work, but it’s not going to work fast enough to do anything for this guy, so I agree, BAD advice.

    I’m with @AdamUrbanski Tell the guy to get off his lazy arse and treat the job hunt like his job until he finds something that’ll feed him.

    Can he shovel snow, sweep steps, mow lawns, go door to door if he has to. Ask his neighbours, have they got any odd jobs he can do for $10 an hour?

    Been there, done that, walked into many a restaurant and offered to wash dishes in exchange for a meal. I was never turned down and always got a meal that was worth way more than the work they asked me to do.

    I agree with everyone who said to tell him to quit spending his money on the get rich quick schemes. The only people who get rich off them, lie.

    Finally, if all else fails, he can volunteer feeding the homeless at the shelter and he’ll get a free meal for his efforts.

    Aside from that, tell him to be blessed and good luck.

  • Anne Flint

    I think Shirley has a much more practical approach for those in crisis. No, there really are NOT jobs out there. I also remember Ken’s story about Sterling Valentine because asking to help others will probably get you further than anything else. If you don’t have a job, then keep busy helping others. You never know what that can lead to. I have no doubt that going door to door in my neighborhood would result in some small jobs, especially if you look presentable.
    I don’t have much to share but I would gladly pay someone to finishing painting something around here or some such task. You might get turned down by 20 people the 21st might help you out.

  • Peter Parks

    Well, its a pretty simple solution from where I’m sitting because I was once homeless and filed for Bankruptcy (both matter of public record so no shame no one’s fault but my own through over extending myself and getting into bed with bad business partners)

    Hey its not sexy, but when I started back after living on the streets and salvation army for weeks my first job was for $36 a day and I did it for over 4 months, you don’t think I felt like a complete ass and a total failure.

    I’ve since turned that around and have generated millions online over the last 5 years.

    But the only reason I have been able to do that is through sheer focus, determination, and I surrounded myself with successful people that helped me design a great marketing process map to where I needed to get to and simply executed it as if my life depended on it.

    Because quite frankly it did.

    I’ve had many people in my life that have given me clear cut instructions on how to get it all back and more over the last 7 years

    (Big shout out to Dave Lakhani, Stephanie Frank, Frank Kern, Ewen Chia, Bob Serling, Marlon Sanders, these where the titans that forced me to buckle down and get straight what I had to do over the last few years to get me where I am today)

    No Law Of Attraction B.S. created the lifestyle I now live, it was through a solid work ethic taking MASSIVE ACTION and getting it done each day working literally 12 – 16 hour days online.

    Here’s the deal, if this gentlemen hasn’t’ made it yet, chances are he is not going to and should really take a look in the mirror and stop spinning his wheels.

    He has to immediately start pounding the pavement and get a real job to put food on the table plain and simple.

    If he wants to chase after the dream of internet millions or whatever the “Law Of Attraction” craps says then do it after he’s put in a hard days labor and earned real income to support himself and his family, but not until.

    Simply unplug the old desktop or laptop, delete all email from biz op, law of attraction B.S. and focus on whats at hand which is…”Where can I get my first job with the skills I have and have my first paycheck in hand in less than 2 weeks?”

    there are all sorts of government services that will help him get a job literally within 72 hours if he shows up, swallows his pride, and simply says…” I will take anything you have at the moment please put me to work.”

    Emails like this really start to drive me nuts when I see them come in my support desk all day long so now I’ve just simply send people to this youtube video that Willie Crawford happened to turn me onto about a little 7 year girl who started her own business.

    There is NO excuse (unless your extremely mentally or physically handicapped)

    just my 2 cents tossed into the conversation 🙂

  • Marlon Sanders

    Hi Ken,

    Unfortunately, I get blog posts, emails and Facebook things like this fairly often. The more well known you are, the more of ’em you get.

    I can’t address the particular person’s situation. Every situation is unique and different.

    I CAN address the overall issue.

    The issue I have is that most often these pleas come from people who feel others owe them something because they are a “have not.” You know, my dad’s father went blind when my dad was 12. A fire burned down their house. A tornado destroyed their barn. a disease killed their pigs and cattle. My dad’s brother joined the army. So at age 12 he supported his mum and 2 sisters on a piece of crap land half filled with trees in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

    All my life for as long as I can remember, my dad serviced TV’s part time starting in a little station wagon and later moving up to vans and ultimately owning the business of 30 hotels and motels in Oklahoma City AND also worked full time for the government.

    He never one time felt anyone else owed him anything. He made his lot in life for me, my brother, my mum for good or for bad.

    During the great depression, he needed a job. He walked up to foreman overseeing a crew building a house. He pointed to a guy who was slacking off and said, “See that guy? I can nail faster than him.” So he was employed during the great depression.

    It’s tougher than nails during a recession and even during good times. Some people have good fortune shine on them. Some people have tornadoes, fires, and natural disasters.

    I feel for people who struggle in good times and in bad.

    I remember when I bought deodorant at all pennies. Sold insurance up to 1 a.m. at night by knocking on doors. Wrote in the daytime and did sales jobs at night to learn a craft and make ends meet.

    Not that I’m something special or all that.

    But when people email me or whatever with the feeling or attitude that because I’m a “have” from their perspective and they’re a “have not”, I don’t think I owe them anything.

    Having said that, I’ve helped people at times who were talented, bright, hard working and motivated.

    I don’t know if this is even a decent or a good reply to your post. But it is the one that came to my mind.

    During a long and storied career in this business, I’ve had every kind of dire situation emailed to me begging for every kind of help imaginable.

    I always have mixed feelings because I do care about others. But there’s always a part of me that remembers what my dad did at age 12 to support a family and a blind dad…without ever complaining or asking for hand outs.

    The gentleman said he wasn’t asking for anything but in my opinion he was.

    Now, the answer

    Tell the gentleman to:

    1. Get a job and pay your bills

    2. Burn the late night oil just like Mike Filsaime did to learn this business AFTER
    driving 2 hours to and from work every day.

    3. Write 5 articles a day which takes 1 1/4 hours at around 500 words per article.

    4. Submit them

    5. That is 120-150 articles a month. That will create 240 opt ins in month one. After the opt in page, make an offer for an affiliate product that is $7. Or create your own 5-7 video product for $7-$10 and pay out 100% commission.

    6. 120 articles a month = 2280 opt ins over a period of 6 months if your ctr rate is 10% which is average and your squeeze page rate is 40%.

    7. If you do that ever month for 6 months, you’ll have a nice sized list.

    8. Create ebooks out of the articles every month and sell them to the people on the list for 10 bucks and pay out 100% commissions on an affiliate program.

    This is the EXACT program Sean Mize followed earning $150 his first month. I think it was up to $6,000 a month at the end of a year. Then he moved on to $10,000 then $15,000 a month. He as 24,000 articles now in

    This is one of MANY methods that work online. Obviously, I’m covering that method in more detail in a product but I’m not here to pimp anything.

    THE POINT: Someone willing to actually work hard for 1 1/4 hours a day SHOULD have an income of $150 in month one, $250-$300 month 2, $500 or so month 3. And it should keep going up from there. That’s without getting any real action on the affiliate side and without “guru hype” type numbers.

    A 10% ctr rate on articles ain’t hard to get. Mine go as high as 45% and average 22.9%.
    A 40% opt in rate from an article marketing click isn’t hard to get.

    And there are many, many online marketing plans and methods that work well. This is just one of them.

    What I commonly see though is people do the plan for 1/2 a month or one month, don’t make millions like the Clickbank screen caps they see and they jump to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing.

    THAT is what doesn’t work.

    Best wishes,

    Marlon Sanders

    3. Write and submit 5 articles per day to

  • Michael Angier

    Yes, many good responses, for sure.

    However, we’re all making suggestions with very limited facts about this person’s real situation.

    Job? For sure.
    With only $1,000 a month for expenses. That should be easy to cover.
    Freelance work,, etc. all good.

    And all credit card companies have hardship departments. Talk to them. Some will drop interest to zero and cut the minimum payment. Definitely talk to them.

    Not sure about the home situation. Own the home? Rent?
    That makes a difference.

    If a mortgage, they will work with you. They pretty much have to.

    If they are in foreclosure, most likely they will have many months before they have to leave the house.

    And I agree . . . develop an inventory of skills, knowledge, value he/she brings—or can bring—to the table.

    And be aware that this situation may very well be (in the long run) a very good thing.

    Many of us responding can look back to similar situations and agree.

    That said, I sure hope this is a real appeal for help and not just an attempt to create some discourse.

  • Terrance Charles

    It’s a tough situation, if anybody knows, I’ve been there before. I managed to turn $80 in $3,000+ within couple weeks online when I first got started, the possibilities are endless. The first thing you should be looking to do is find a job, put pride aside and find a job that way you can have backing money to put into your business.

    You can also find what other people need done, but don’t want to do themselves like you can go on craiglist and go to “Gigs” in your local are and go to labor, simple things that people will pay you to do, that will give you upfront money. Or you can either sell things on craiglist that you do not need anymore, you have to sacrifice in order to get what you want.

    No need to feel shame either, it happens to the best of us. Since it’s related to this post, here’s atleast 100 ideas you can go over to see which one you can use – there are plenty of ways to make money out there not only online but offline, find local businesses that may need a skill that you can deliver on, maybe they don’t have a website yet, or a facebook profile etc, they will pay you good money to do it for them.

    Remember, it’s not really about bringing the money to you, instead go where the money is already being spent and tap into it. Good luck 🙂

  • KC Cramer

    Yikes !!!
    Your RIGHT NOW answer, Ken, is your blog spot. Your response was immediate; your care evident. And, yet, it will be a next effort to put money in his creditors’ hands. Does he have Internet? Yes. And, he probably doesn’t want to lose that connection. Is there someone at that company who will give it to him for free for a month or so? If not, why not?
    This posting is clear that there is action being taken on both parts, yours and his, to gain the wisdom of path and strength of protection and wealth of action that can be found in a positive way, if only for a day. And, yet, to find a “right now” situation that will change a long-term situation could take some creativity. He will find a few more months. He is crying out, not in a fetal position, scared and salty from his own tears. He is hungry. He is scared. His father/mother/partner does not own the Internet company.

    When I heard this song today, ( )I thought of all the strong people, or successful people, or people who are deeply loved (I intentionally disregarded in mention, “successful “bullies”) who have support. And, I realized that when on the right side of success, you can see both sides (good and bad) and choose to remain empowered by choosing what is right, even in an emergency. If you can see a storm and walk into it to save an eagle, you are more than brave. But, do you know how to protect from his talons? If you chooose to walk in the sunshine, the warmth may keep shining. Yet, the reality of that might even be painful. And, yet thank God for both sides. God, I pray that there is someone who knows this man who will talk to him through love’s window, not their own ego or opinion, and help him know that through tears or laughter, there is strength to rise above adversity. Tell him his strengths and then have him measure.

    I would thank him for contacting you and praise him for his compliment that he believes you can help him. Was it easy for him to admit? Then, ask HIM what he thinks you should do. There are not many that will immediately release to their most raw. He is being polite. Open him up. What is stopping him?

    I recently took in a homeless woman (who had been staying with another friend), invited her to a free dinner (at which I made a donation) with the City Mayor at a party of Veterans and wives and children and other people living in the area. I gave her air conditioning in 105 degree heat, a bed, electricity, internet connection, TV, chairs, kitchen, et al in my home for three nights and two days. She had her computer, she had a car. She had a car-full of what she wanted/needed most with her. I gave her the comforts I had. And, it was not enough. Put a monitary value on that. And, then put an emotional value on that. Was it enough? Probably not, but it was something.

    He wants cash to do it his own way. Maybe he is doing everything right. Does he think so?

  • David Yorka

    Hello all, in a previous life I worked for eighteen years as a licensed Social Worker (after graduating from Ohio State) For six -seven of those years I worked in the Homeless” System” (I worked in psychiatric SW for quite some time) One of my jobs as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, I visited/spent time at all five of our shelters (in early 1990’s) and came to meet many fine individuals and families. The “culture of poverty” and homelessness in particular is one of shared and similar stories and I offer this up as a resource to ask me about my experience based on the classroom and the street.

  • Walter

    Hi Ken,
    I feel his pain… I too have no job, my wife was just diagnosed with cancer and I
    don’t have insurance. It’s hard for me to sympathize when I am going through the
    same problems right now! Unemployment pays $2000.00 per month and rent is
    $1750.00 per month! My gas is cut off ’cause I can’t pay it. NO! No sympathy since nobody is helping me!

  • David Yorka

    A well informed response is one that is a mix of understanding and compassion,
    going through tough times and doing Community Work and years of personal/emotional/spiritual self -development.

    Eventually working in Workforce Development and Philanthropy I no longer had the privilege of “having opinions” or offering advice as I work with all walks of life.

    HERE is a link to GOOD INFORMATION

  • Sheron

    The hardest thing to do is to give advice to one in this position, however 3 years ago I was in the same position and actually went homeless. The government froze all my assets and said that I owed them a lump sum of money. Money I did not have and couldn’t get from anyone. I went into the shelter. I spent one month in one that we shared with men.(terrible) And then I spent one in a family shelter with tv and everything else.What I would advise your friend to do is find a friend or family member who he can bunk with untill he can get back on his feet. If not go into a family shelter. There computers access in there, from which he can continue doing his business .I know all the feelings of shame and disgrace associated with this. I have lived through them. I am a better person today because of this. My life has improved considerably and I do not spend a penny that I do not have

  • JR Griggs

    Wow, lots of great responses already. Except the ones with the Law of Attraction crap. Use the Law of Action instead. Get out there and do something. If you can’t get a job somewhere, go take a walk around the community and find a need that you can fill.

    If you are up north where there is snow, grab a snow shovel and go door to door shoveling driveways. Do whatever you can to get cash now and then start working on something else for later. In this situation there is NO such thing as TV or FREE time. Get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN! I know some will say it’s not that easy but I say BULL CRAP! I have been there and done that and did whatever it took.

    If you are in the situation where you do not need a lot of money you should be able to do something and get the bills paid. You also have some starting cash. Go sell hot chocolate somewhere that warm drinks may not be available. Clean snow off cars.

    On a business trip this weekend I must have paid out $100 just in tips to valet attendants, waiters, bellman, etc. Find somewhere that could use a service and work just for tips.

    On top of all that see what costs you can cut. Hopefully you are not a smoker or drinker. Water is cheap. Ramen noodles are cheap. I once fed my family for 2 weeks on $20! PB&J and Noodles!

    The bottom line is do SOMETHING! I am not saying you aren’t, cause I don’t know you but if you spent some time really thinking of ways to make money you would find them.

    Hope that helps Ken! Let us know what he ends up doing.

    P.S. Maybe send him the book “Scratch Beginnings” haven’t read it yet but I believe the guy had $5 and a roll of duct tape to start.

  • Linda

    I’ve been reading all the comments not all the comments here and I must say a lot of it is harsh – on what he/she should do in this kind of situation when your one or two steps away from loosing everything and being homeless. With advice of getting a real job in any form to pay the bills, to whatever. There has only been one person that I saw who offered good advice and that was Dave Lakhani and I will quote from his comment last paragraph

    “If you want to help him and thousands like him, create a site where you (not you personally, but all off us) don’t care if you make money or not, show them step by step guaranteed processes they can use to create a few hundred dollars a month predictably. Give them real tutorials on how to write the code they need, create the graphics they need, upload the software they need, drive the traffic they need etc. Give them access to it for free, then hold them accountable to creating a real income on their own.”

    There is not one person who commented here I’ll help him/her or people who are in this situation. There are people who have been looking for a job with no luck. When you’re scared it’s hard to stay focused when all your thinking about “I’m going to be homeless” I need help maybe someone will help me, show me how to create my business online. I’m on a few email lists who I respect, who I think are decent people who will show me, help me, all I’m trying to do here is save myself , let me contact this person who I respect who I feel will help me. With all the IM Guru’s courses charging outrageous amount of money for their course to junk that is being sold online any person who have dreams in having an online business are taken away because they are confused and don’t know where to begin. There are people who have started their education in learning Affiliate Marketing on how to start their online business and know it will take a while to get there business going, but for one reason or another find themselves in this situation and are doing everything possible who need help.

    Every single comment here who have been there and have made it had help in some form to get you started. People who have been there and know what it is like I’m sad to say your comments were selfish and unfeeling. You have money now, you know how to have a business online, you have forgotten how you were when you were in the same situation or were first starting out. You know how to create a business make money online and you have money now, but it can all be taken away from you if you get gravely sick and everything you worked hard for is taken away from you because of health care costs or from some other kind of situation. You could be in the same situation one day with no fault of your own the only difference is that you know how to do it.

    Has anyone heard of paying it forward – help your neighbor or help people period, or people who have asked for your help and are in this situation at no fault of their own. I know of one Guru where his 4 year old son got Cancer and he needed money to pay for the hospital bill. This Guru was open and he let everyone know on his list of his situation. What he did was ran a promotion and created a course and information that he knew his email list would want and it was not rehashed material but something his list could use in their business the cost was only $47 one time fee Member Area where his customers could go to – to either download or refer to – then this same Guru sent a Thank You email and informed everyone how his son was doing with a video of him thanking everyone with his son saying thank you – then this Guru was so grateful that his list helped him he decided to add more information to the member area at no cost to show how grateful he was.

    Everyone here is making money – is there anyone here that is willing to step up to the bat and help your fellow man. Its not always about the money anyone here could create a website have a member area and show any person who is in this situation as mentioned by Dave Lakhani. Where people in this situation can go to for free with something contributed to by all the Big Gurus. A complete A to Z Free Member Area with complete how to Tutorials, resources to go to, tools you can use or put tools that you created in the member area that is all relevant to starting out etc. All at no cost to help people who find themselves in this situation and have contacted you or not.

    I gave a few ideas here, example on what one guru did. If someone in this situation can not wait you can always do a promotion to raise money for them, help them out so that they don’t loose everything then direct them to the Free A to Z Member Area where they can learn how to do it on their own. How about helping someone or people that are in this situation out. Let’s pay if forward. People who have found themselves in this situation for one reason or another because of the economy crashing – have pride and are scared. Has anyone here read the newspaper or watched the news – they have contacted you because they respect you and feel you can help them out. Like I said it’s not always about the money. This is a separate situation. Don’t you think that if we help people in this situation or any other situation and give them a start in rebuilding their life will be grateful to you. Don’t you think that they will pay it forward back to you by referring other people to your paid courses or buy your next course when they have money because you helped them out? Don’t you think that your reputation will be of one more credibility and trust.

    Something that everyone should think about. Let’s pay it forward.

    • Ross Goldberg

      Hey Linda,

      When I give a handout, it’s to one of my kids, my Mom (that lives with me), one of my 4 brothers and sisters, or someone else in my extended family.

      Forgive my harsh response to this situation, but my personal feeling is that this individual needs to take responsibility for where they are and how they got there. Then, they need to act on their own behalf and fix the problem they’re currently stuck in.

      I’ve given tons of handouts over the last 5 years and am not interested in mailing my list for the latest charity case. That’s not what my customers signed up for.

      Also remember, that we do not know who this individual is. With more detail, many would have given more pointed advice to their specific situation. Given the vague nature of the blog post, the “resident experts” that have commented have given answers based on our experiences and what little we know of the situation.

      I run a business and give tons of free advice and information on the web. If someone needed some assistance, the answers are all readily available to them via YouTube, blogs, forums, etc… It doesn’t sound like this person needs more information, they need more ACTION.

      In a time of economic crisis there are thousands of people in similar situations to this one. If the individual here wanted specific help, they should have come forward with who they are and given their specific situation. I can guarantee that you would see many of us offer additional help, services, consultations, or anything else that we know could help this person.

      I’ve re-read the letter sent to Ken and see that the individual has some experience online. I’ve seen no less than a dozen suggestions that would be easily applied to someone with even the most basic level of experience in the comments that have been posted here. Will the person involved stand up and do something for themselves or sit and wait to be kicked out of their home?

      Sometimes, a little tough love goes a long way. I can only hope that the person here reads those type of comments for what they are: Experts offering their help to the best of their abilities given the small amount of details we’ve been given.

      • Ross Goldberg

        Not everyone got help in the way you’re suggesting Linda.

        I started online with it all “taken away” after going into a coma and nearly dying 2 weeks after starting my business. I still made a $1,000 profit during that first month online.

        Ken was someone that helped me, but it wasn’t for nothing in return. I also acted on the opportunity and took the “bull by the horns” and did something with what I was given.

        I’m insulted by the fact that you say nobody has offered help. The posts here are ALL helpful.

        Dave reminds us that offering personal assistance may be better suited to this individual. He may be right. Not all of us operate in the same way. I will be more than happy to personally help this person as soon as I can be shown that he’s helped him or herself.

        Life is tough. It’s a great feeling to have friends to rely on if I got myself into a tough situation, but anytime that has happened in the past (and it has) I’ve helped myself out of it to the best of my ability before ever asking for someone to give me free help.

    • Nathan Segal

      Hello Linda,

      Thanks for what you wrote. As I wrote in another post, I’m the one that Ken wrote about. Your message inspired me to take my digital products and create a promotion where I offer everything up for sale at once. I spoke about this with Ken and he was open to that. That sales page is now complete and I’ve started contacting people on this list, asking for help. For those who are able to help me, the page is located at:

      If any of you have questions, feel free to write to me, courtesy of my page.

      Thanks again.


    • Nina

      Linda, I do understand where you are coming from. However, that’s like saying I should get into Harvard, even though I don’t have the grades and the skill level to do so. Harvard, should just let me in because I am an awesome person and they need to pay it forward. It’s about doing the work, being persistence, and having resilience. Yeah, there is going to be some challenges, but the way you push through is going to separate the real from the fake. I lived the feast and famine cycle for a long time at one point. And, the whole thing shifted, when I changed my mindset. I can count numerous times how many times my bank account was at 0 and I had no money to pay rent. Instead of focusing on not being able to come up with rent. I started focusing on that I would have money just in time to pay my rent. And, you know what when I started thinking about the positive things in life, and knew that all was well, money will show up when I needed it. I know it may sound woo-woo, but I just focused on saying I am a money magnet, money comes to me eaisly and effortlessly. I put the intention in the universe, and I always had what I needed it at the time. I cannot stress enough its all about MINDSET. And, people value what they pay for. If Harvard was free and easy to get into do you think it would have much prestige as it has today?

  • Grover LeBlanc

    Wow, what a sad situation this is for this person and others.

    A few thoughts that come to mind is, first do what every one can do with their education, training , skills and knowledge, Perhaps doing some constructional work. Working for a temporary Labor Force, or labor pool, caring for elderly ,or lawn maintenance, etc., whatever will generate immediate cash, and then formula a budget, set specific goals and follow thru. Also, consider what people need and what are their problems and how to solve them. Also, checking with local resources for temporary financial assistance and perhaps employment opportunities even with a stipend.

    Another option maybe speaking with a career counselor at a collage or university and the financial aid adviser. Perhaps a student loan might be helpful.

    These are just some suggestions. I encourage this person and anyone else in this situation to seek professional assistance and guidance.

  • Max Yeo

    Well, obviously he needs $500 ASAP. In my humble opinion… Here’s what he can do NOW:

    1. Sell whatever item he can or willing to part with, to get the money – On eBay, Garage sales, Pawnshop, Second hand store, etc.

    2. Reevaluate his expenses – Track where every cent is going and prioritize that list (What is an Absolute Essential, A Good To Have & A Can Do Without)

    3. Sell his skills online – Looking for freelance jobs online as many has suggested. I believed he shall have been more detailed to list down his skills, so that you can help him better. Then again, giving him the benefits of doubt, he may not be in the correct mental state – Just thinking that he shall at least focus on what he can do for people, when asking for help.

    4. Sell his skills offline – Going around the community where he lives, asking for any tasks he can be paid for – Instant Cash with minimal travel expenses. Leaving them a contact number for any future opportunities, even if he get turned down on the spot.

    5. Get a JOB to at least start having some income. I am sure its better to be working as a “slave” than being homeless.

    I always believe in the theory of problems equal opportunities. I also believe that such emails of people looking for a “helping hand” or genuine direction, are quite common to the well established online marketers?

    I am sure you guys can think of something to help these people getting what they want and monetize this “niche” at the same time? Or he or she may just be your next success case study, provided he truly puts in his blood and soul into what you ask them to do.

    As for the guy himself, this is a period of tough time. But years down the road, this may just be the life story of what made him great… So my best advice for him now is to have the right Focus – “What he can do now?”

    As for Law of Attraction B.S. I would have to disagree.

    I believe that everything can help you, even if you can’t see the immediate results. The important thing is where is your perspective and focus?

    Almost everything in this world are debatable – What matters is what works for you to bring you to Action.

  • Brian A. Williams

    Hmmmm, 23 months ago I did not have the $150 to repair my hot water heater in order to give my young kids a warm bath. That was my WAKE UP CALL.

    Today I run two 6-figure PROFIT (revenue is worthless) businesses that I created from scratch.

    Ken, my advice is to your friend is to either GET A JOB (as per Felicia)


    CREATE a JOB for himself by offering some of his/her skills to business owners in the local area. Discount the “market rate” by 50% if need be in order to start building positive cash flow.

    If this person is good at ANY Internet Marketing stuff, I’ll give him/her a test project and pay a minimum of $100 if they just complete it to my minimimal specifications. Unless you edited the email, this person can obviously write decently. I’ve got PLENTY of articles that need to be written.

    Anyway, my 2 cents…

  • Shahar Boyayan

    Life is made of choices. One of them has to be not to run after “easy money”. Even at our offices we see people come and say they want to make money online in the next 2 months and work only 10 hrs a week. It doesn’t work that way. Stop buying every new e-book out there, and do what Marlon Sanders recommended.
    I remember one day when all my daughter and I had left was a few coins to buy milk. We went and offer a chamber of commerce to go out and sell memberships for them for commissions and we didn’t stop until we sold the first one. After that, every day we would go out and wouldn’t stop until we had a sale. Consistency and persistency are key points for success.

  • Walt Laurel

    I’ve been watching this post all day and deciding whether I could add value by weighing in. My heart goes out to whomever it is because I’ve been in a similar situation but, I have to agree with most of the other people that have posted. First and foremost, get a job and make whatever cash you can…You owe that to your family! Do whatever you need to do to bring in money! I know first hand how it feels to be broke… The difference is allowing yourself to be “broken”. Deal with that immediately.

    Forget the “Law of Attraction” (I know that’s not popular)…that’s serves those who have clarity already. If you’re struggling, it only serves to guarantee false hope and promises. Why do I say that? Because the road is paved with many dead bodies that have placed their faith and hope on the “Law” as a crutch for not taking action….Bottom Line!
    Money follows value and Action….provide value in whatever way you can, in service of others in your community or neighborhood, at your job, or producing a product…no value, no money. Action and follow through is the key to success. It’s not sexxy, appealing, nor easy, and sometimes it absolutely sucks!
    But, it creates results.

    I agree with with Dave…If we want to help this person out, let’s create a situation where the person can succeed…No Google tricks, Facebook miracles, nor Youtube tactics…basic work that Marlon suggests….But, it all starts with getting cash coming in from whatever source is available.

    I’m looking forward to re-connecting with my JValerts family in Orlando…

    See y’all (a little Georgia love) in February!

  • Nathan Segal

    My name is Nathan and I’m the person whose story is being discussed here. I’ve also been writing back and forth with Ken. I was saying to him that I had no idea what to post here and he told me I should post that.

    Since this post went live I’ve been reading the comments. Of them, two have been really helpful, especially the last one by Linda, who came up with some amazing solutions that really made me think. Thanks very much for that. Because of your post, I came up with some ideas of my own and with Ken’s help it will be offered to the list.

    I really liked the idea about the guru and it inspired me to do something similar. I have several digital products for sale, all of which are high quality. I intend to offer all of them for one price and I’m still working that out. I’m also in the middle of building a sales page that will give you more information about what I have to offer. Once I iron out the glitches, (hopefully by Monday), the page will be ready to go live.

    And one thing I want to say up front. I believe in fairness and I’m prepared to offer a commission to anyone who helps me. I have no desire to take advantage of anyone.

    Having said that, here’s what I have to offer:

    • My book, Speed Up Your Computer In 30 Minutes Or Less, with all the video tutorials

    • A one-year membership to which gives you information on how to
    increase your work flow if you’re a photographer or computer designer

    • My book on PHOTO-PAINT X3/X4 and two hours of video tutorials

    • My book on how to use Photoshop CS2 (yet, it’s a bit out of date, but it’s the best I have)

    • My new course, Secrets of Profitable Freelance Writing. In this course, I show you everything I know about how to find high-paying writing jobs online, how to write a query letter that sells and how to build long-term relationships with magazines and editors

    • Photographic MS Word Templates (50 of them) Designed for creating professional reports

    I intend to offer these products as a bundle and if any of you have lists where you would be willing to market these products, that would really help me a lot.

    Thanks to everyone for your posts. I’ve learned a lot here.


    • Bill Clemens

      Hi Nathan,

      I have been following this post since Ken first put it up. I have a mailing list of close to 280,000+ people that I will mail to for you. I have been building mailing lists for quite a while now and would be willing to do a mailing for you to my list. Looking above at the link posted by Ross I should be able to hit about 60% of my list with your sales offer do to list relevancy.

      I will also post it on my Facebook, Tobri and Twitter pages as well as put together a short video based on your sales page and submit it through Traffic Geyser so it can hit all the major video sites. I’ll also post the video link here for you.

      I am also going to create a bonus for anyone who purchases via one of my offers, mailings or videos. I’m thinking a one month list building mastermind, meeting once a week on Skype, as well as a list building training video series that I sell. I hope this helps you reach your goal. If there is anything else I can do to help, feel free to let me know via Facebook or email.

      I know what it’s like to be where you are, all BS aside it sucks plain and simple. I am a firm believer in paying it forward. I’m not looking for a JV commission of any sorts. All I ask is in the future if you read a post similar to yours now and someone else is in this position. Don’t turn your nose up, remember that feeling you have in your gut and then remember how many people were willing to help you, and do what you can to help that person, as little or as much every bit makes a difference.

      Best Regards,

      • Nathan Segal

        Hello Bill, as it turns out, you’re one of my friends on facebook. I sent you a message, along with my phone number. My email address is visualartist49 AT gmail DOT com.

        Thanks very much for your support. I will do everything I can to work with you and make this happen.

        Best regards,


  • Naveen

    Ken, i was wondering how many tons of advise this person actually has now from all those people who commented upon which he SHOULD and CAN ACT. I can give out my views and have one more addition or whatever but no one can make him remove his bleak situation unless he MAKES it happen for him.

  • Frank Garon

    I get emails & calls like this fairly regularly.

    My answer here is going to be the same as my answer always is:

    1. Get a job. Any job. You need cash NOW, not 30 days from now. Cash is king.

    2. Don’t come back to the internet unless you have a $500-1000 war chest saved up.

    You don’t need to spend it all at once, but you are able to think more clearly and make wiser decisions when you’re not a day away from homeless.

    3. Stop wishing for miracles, instead, go out and make them happen.

    I was raised decidedly blue collar without any special advantages. I worked very hard to get my internet business to where it is today, but I also (at times, lol) worked very smart.

    Buying into the get rich quick hype that is pervasive in this industry is a sure way to lose what little money you have. You might as well burn it and save yourself the aggravation.

    Having said that, you CAN absolutely make money online, and lots of it. But it takes time, energy and effort, just like any other business.

    I would also ask you to ask yourself this question:

    “What is special or different about me that would make people want to buy from me?”

    You need to be able to answer that question honestly. Is it your white-glove service, your extra bonuses you give, a loyalty program you’ve created, what?

    Asking the question “why should someone buy from me, instead of the next guy?” is a great way to get clarity.

    Just my two cents,


  • Stephen

    Hi Ken,

    You need to tell your friend to go to Human Services in the State, City or County. Ken he should try Salvation Army.
    Best regards, Stephen

    Best regards Stephen

  • Nathan Segal

    My name is Nathan and I’m the person whose story is being discussed here.

    Since this post went live I’ve been reading the comments. Of them, two have been really helpful,

    especially the last one by Linda, who came up with some amazing solutions that really made me think.
    The one that really got my attention was the one about the guru and what he did.

    Over the weekend, I worked my tail off and did something similar. I created a sales page with all my

    best digital products on it. Here’s the URL:

    All the products are available through ClickBank and are delivered by Download Guard.


    In addition, here’s something that came out of a conversation with one of the people who posted on

    the blog:

    To give you some background, I have been working as a Freelance Writer for 13 years. In that time, I

    have published some 600 articles and five books.

    My articles been published in many popular magazines, including: CE Tips (Consumer Electronics),

    Computer Graphics World, Database Journal, Mac Design, Photoshop User, Rangefinder, Smart Computing,

    The Computer Paper, Streaming Media World and Windows Expert.

    I worked as an Associate Editor at for five years. I also wrote several feature

    columns on 3D and video tutorials. You can find some of my articles here:

    My number one best skill is as a technical writer. My specialty is computer graphics and photography,

    though I’ve written on many other topics. I also wrote the book, Secrets of Profitable Freelance

    Writing and I sent Ken a copy.

    Here’s what I can offer:

    • Technical writing
    • Editing of articles, documents or books
    • Coaching to help writers and also, if they wish to write for magazines, how to become published.
    • I have extensive resources and I can show writers how to research and develop content quickly
    • Video tutorials

    I’ve published many useful tips for freelance writers on my blog:

    I also have a course available for writers who want to write for magazines. That URL is: This product is sold on ClickBank.

    The rate I have in mind is $50.00/hour and I can get started right away.


    There is another option. I’d found Ken’s site some time ago and I have a strong interest in joint

    ventures. Here’s what I’d like to propose. For those who want to work with me, I’ll give you a

    reduced rate on my writing in exchange for a percentage of profits generated by any products that we

    create. Interested? Write to me at: visualartist49 AT gmail DOT com.

    Best regards,


    • davelakhani

      Nathan –

      I’m glad to see you post this as a result of our conversation. I’ll look forward to hearing feedback from those who hire you. I’m confident you can write your way out of this situation and into a paycheck you can be proud of. Please do keep us updated with your progress at least weekly.

  • Anonymous


    When I got the message from Nathan, I decided to do a blog post on his situation because although this is especially painful to him right now it’s becoming VERY common.

    I get literally dozens of these types of e-mails every week – so what should I tell them?

    It’s not like I can cure the world’s economic ills by myself and to be honest, the truth isn’t always nice or pretty and most people don’t really want to hear it.

    Really they would rather I just said one of two things:

    1. Here’s the money you need.

    Or …

    2. Here’s the magic EASY Button that generates cash at the push of the button with no risk, time, effort or money required.

    In fact, some people don’t even want that.

    Some people would rather criticize and blame other people for all of their ills than to do something about them. They are typically particularly mad at anyone who has had any success.

    But, the pain is real and the problems are real and I really want to help to the degree that I can in ways that are truly effective and achieve lasting results.

    So I asked some of the best minds around to tell me what they thought I should say to this person.

    I got back a lot of responses.

    Some were helpful and supportive and some were very direct and blunt. There were people who offered to help and people who said in effect that they never got anything from anyone and had no sympathy.

    Thought leaders like Mark Joyner, Dave Lakhani, Adam Urbanski, Frank Garon, Marlon Sanders, Felicia Slattery, Ross Goldberg, Michael Angier, Peter Parks, Erika Douglas, Jim Donovan and Bob Yeager all wrote detailed responses to the blog post.

    And to be honest … the initial response from the person who e-mailed me was less than enthusiastic.

    “Now there’s a storm of condemnation and people coming out with useless crap, like ” get a job” which I cannot do because I’m in Mexico.”

    The initial reaction was that the people who were responding didn’t understand, but in fact many of the people who responded had been in tough financial situations or even homeless.

    After a bit of time to calm down, Nathan started to see some helpful suggestions …

    ” I was reading through the comments and a couple of things jumped out. One of them had to do with products to market. I have several. The other comment was to ask people on this list to help sell those products, thereby creating a fast joint venture
    and generating money without asking for donations. Like I said, I have several products.”

    He spent time on the phone with both Dave Lakhani and Ross Goldberg who gave him time and ideas.

    Finally, he stepped up to the plate and responded to this blog post, put together some of his existing products to sell, completed a sales page and put together an offer to sell some of his expertise.

    Now Nathan officially has a name.

    It’s not easy to do step up to the plate when you are under pressure.

    You feel like the world has aligned personally against you and it’s easy to blame others for the situation you are in.

    Nathan was focused on what was happening to him.

    As I told Nathan …

    I’m sure many people have done many bad things to you – that’s true of everyone – but if you spend too much time thinking and talking about what others have done to you, two things will happen:

    1. You will have lost that time that you could be focusing on what YOU can do.

    2. You will appear to others to be putting your responsibility onto others actions.

    No matter how persecuted you are in fact, we always do better when we focus on what we can do than what has been done to us.

    What happens to Nathan now depends on Nathan’s actions.

    He’s put some work in and posted a link to his products and services in the blog post comments.

    The hard truth is that this may not be enough.

    Sometimes we need to do what needs to be done even when it seems like crap and not worth our time or effort.

    What’s the choice?

    You can always give up and do nothing.

    Doing nothing rarely makes things better and often makes things worse.

    I learned something in Army basic training, when I thought I couldn’t run one more step.

    If you really can’t make it … you die.

    Otherwise, you keep going on.

    People go through unimaginable hardship and survive. Whatever you are going through right now, someone has it worse.

    I know this doesn’t help how it feels right now to you.

    But here’s what helps …

    The community of people who so quickly gather around you giving what they have and supporting you in ways they are not required to do.

    Nathan you have that right now …

    So many people want to help you help yourself.

    Listen, learn and experience the community that comes from people helping each other and one more thing …

    Take the responsibility to learn and grow, so that you can give to the people around you. It’s the small things that make a difference and anyone can give an encouraging word — or a little tough love — when it’s needed.

    Taking it is the hard part.

    I know that we wish you the very best.

    I’d encourage everyone, to read the comments and contribute their own.

    This is a continuing story.

    You may be searching for some of what Nathan has to offer right now. Or you may learn from some incredible minds and hearts who have seen hard times before and survived.

    Either way, it’s good to be together.

    All the best,


  • Dan Nickerson

    I read through most of the comments but forgive me if I missed someone mentioning this idea.

    Wouldn’t this thread make a great ebook about top internet marketers giving advice to someone whose in Nathan’s exact situation?

    Use the $7 script to sell it or give it away for leadgen.

    Nathan obviously knows how to write and this information could be spun into a 20 page ebook in a few hours.

  • Marjatta

    Well what can i say…I think he sould not give up hope, he may well try to get a job,what job they can…He can get some money and can survive…If you do not try, you get nothing either…

  • David Simone

    Have the guy contact me and I will talk to him personally to look for a solution. I am moved by his story. Sadly, it is not unique. He, however, is unique. I will help him find his heart and transform into just the right place–if I am able at all, I will do it.

    I think the key to helping people in these situations is that when people reach out to us in this personal way, exposed, vulnerable, in agony–we are THERE for them personally. This weekend, I trained with 200 others at Joel Bauer’s Passion2Profit. I spoke with a billionaire who drives around Los Angeles to look for homeless people. He invites them to his mansion for dinner. Now THAT is something.

  • Richard Posner

    It is so easy to speak condescendingly to a person on the brink. It is so easy to tell such an individual to f*** off because “I/my father/my abandoned mother made it without stooping low and begging outright.” It’s so easy to give this guy IM ideas, but truth be it very few people who even have cash on hand make any or very much in the online world. It’s easy to say, “I don’t feel responsibility for every vagabond knocking at my real or virtual door. It’s easy to take an attitude of labeling someone stupid, irresponsible, lazy or a host of ego-drivenadjectives used to blind us to the plea of a needy individual. It’s all so easy to believe that our flesh-and-bone experience is in total disconnect with our fellow human being who can’t seem to discover and overcome his blindspot. It’s even easy to build an orphanage in Africa or innoculate children in the Philippines while our naeighbors need the same care. There is a thread which connects us all and just because some of us want to deny it, does not make it less true. In the end, there are no graveyards for millionaires. What we earn is taken away without exception. The only thing that remains is how we treat each other when nobody is looking.

  • Nathan Segal

    This experience has been both illuminating and disappointing.
    Several people on this blog have said: “He needs to identify himself and tell us about his background so we can help him.”
    I did.
    I stated my background, skills and abilities and listed many of my credits, all of which can be easily verified.
    The result?
    The exceptions are Ross Goldberg and Dave Lakhani, both of whom I contacted personally, and of course, David Simone, who asked me to contact him.
    Talk is cheap.
    I put myself on the line, identified myself and my situation, despite my discomfort and I stepped out of my comfort zone in a huge way.
    There are those of you who implied you would help, but even though I placed all my contact information on this blog and took major action, as many of you have exhorted me to do, no one has contacted me directly with any offers of work in any form.
    As I’ve said, talk is cheap.
    Many of you have bashed me in a huge way for what happened. The attitude seems to be that you’re better than I am. What a load of crap. As Richard Posner correctly points out, anyone could lose their standing in life in a heartbeat. No one is exempt. And yet, several of you act like you’re so superior.
    The truth is something else. I think my situation terrifies you. It forces you to look at a part of your life that you don’t want to look at and by vilifying me, you don’t have to deal with your own issues.
    My question is this: Are any of you willing to step up to the plate and help your fellow human beings? Or are you content to give lip service and close the door on those in need when life inconveniently intrudes on your comfy space?
    As I said, I placed myself on the line even though it was very difficult and painful to do so.
    And the result is that my misfortune seems to be nothing more than your weekly entertainment.

    • Dan Nickerson

      Nathan, I came up with a unique idea for you last night that is also perfect for your skill set.

      I don’t know anyone offhand who offers the service and it’s something I and every product owner on this thread needs and would probably pay you money for today. I would have paid $100 today.

      However when I came here to post it, I saw your most recent post. I’m really not sure what comment thread you’re reading, but it certainly wasn’t this one.

      I’m also truly sorry but after reading that post, I no longer think the idea is suited to you.

      Creating unique business ideas is what I’m most well known for… this was not a joke or “lip service” as you say.

      I truly hope it all works out for you. If I hadn’t thought you insulted a lot of good people with your latest post you’d have a new business today.

      • Nathan Segal

        Hello Dan,

        Thanks for your message. Perhaps I don’t have enough experience with blogging and threads, though my message was a followup to what Richard Posner wrote.

        I knew that my most recent message would make some people angry. That was deliberate. I wrote it because no one was contacting me .

        You don’t seem to appreciate the urgency of my situation. I’m facing imminent homelessness. I’m desperate and time is of the essence. And even if I do manage to make my rent I don’t have enough money to see things through and I run the risk of starving next month.

        I need help. NOW! How many times do I have to make that clear?

        And you’re offended or insulted? Fine, but unless I’m sorely mistaken, you still have a home, while I’m on the verge of losing mine.

        I don’t have the time or luxury to mess around. If you really want to help, write to me. My address is: visualartist49 AT gmail DOT com

    • Mcdonell Derry

      Judging by later posts in this thread, it seems like things might be turning around for you. If so, good. And you should thank those who chose to let this petulant rant slide by. Next time you feel inclined to vent your spleen, remember there’s a reason the Delete button is next to the Return.