Acting Like Superman: Is This True or Are You Delusional? 11

I saw this quote posted on the main wall at

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

I responded …

” … as much as we would like to think this, it’s just not true. There is such a thing as being delusional. If you don’t think you can do something, you are more likely to be unable to do it and If you think you can do something, you are more likely to be able to do it.

BUT …  many people have thought they could do things and then haven’t and many people have not developed the capacity to do things that they want to do and believe they can do. Many people want to be president, many people truly believe they can be, but few develop the capacity to do it — and a few have actually done it who never thought they could.”

But, what do YOU think?

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11 thoughts on “Acting Like Superman: Is This True or Are You Delusional?

  • Brad Semp

    Hi Ken –

    Your response was well stated. Knowledge, skills, and mindset are three major enabling components to achieve one’s intentions. Of course, even if you have the knowledge, skills, and mindset you must Design for Action (DfA) so that you are taking the RIGHT action at the RIGHT time to produce the RIGHT results.

    Simply “having the belief that you can do it” is not enough.

    Thanks for sharing, Ken. Looking forward to seeing you next week at JVAL Orlando!

    Bye-Bye Busyness,
    Dr. Brad Semp

  • Raacy4gems

    Hello Ken. You’ve posed a great question. Do those who aspire to greater heights truly do the things that someday will help attain the pinnacle of success they’ve set? A lot of times I think some fail for reasons beyond their control. Lack of financial planning in the beginning is one of the reasons. I’ve found that it takes a lot of different skills to get anywhere on the net. What happens to those who eventually gain the capacity to succeed, but run out of time or funds to complete their missions?

  • Charles Burke

    Well Ken, maybe there’s a little difference in definitions here. If I sorta kinda wishfully believe that I can do something, it may or may not come to pass (with probability weighted toward the not). But if there’s the absolute, burning certainty that I can, then it’s just become way, way more probable. And there’s never anything wrong with that second kind of belief because it prompts focused, determined action. As the scriptures say, faith (belief) without works (action) is dead. But the deeper truth is that belief without action is not belief at all – it’s just me kidding myself with lukewarm wishes.

    Cheers from warm and smiling Thailand,

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  • Bill

    Great message, Ken. I think the ability to acquire the capacity to do something you want to do rests somewhat on how badly you want to do that certain thing. Big effort=Big Result; Little Effort=Little Result. However, I agree with you in that some things are just not physically or mentally possible for most people. We, as mere humans, simply cannot “do it all.”