Who should I invite to the Infinite Reach Event?


Help me out!

Some dear friends and I went out after the Impact Event and talked about the future and I was encouraged to consider producing a two day, top-level mastermind event. No pitch. $2,500 attendance by invitation only.

Well I’m DOING it and it’s called the Infinite Reach Event.

The members of my top-level Impact Platinum Mastermind are all invited at no charge, because they get everything I do as part of being in the Impact Platinum Mastermind.

Now all I have to do is put together an invitation list!

I’ve always had a vision of getting all of the best people I know in a room at the same time and I know a lot of people. Of course, life gets in the way and everyone can’t make it on any given two days, but even if half of these people were in the room at the same time it would be incredible — guaranteed.

I started compiling a list of people to invite off the top of my head, but I know my memory and I certainly don’t know all of the incredible people in the world.

Here are a few of the people already on the invitation list — I’ll add more later as they come to mind.

I’d love to know who else you think I should invite.

Dan Auito, Mitch Axelrod, Matt Baccak, Tom Beal, Larry Benet, Chris Brogan, Troy Broussard, Les Brown, Todd Brown, Chasen Chess, John Chow, Debz Collins, Lee Collins, Joel Comm, Diane Conklin, Sam Crowley, Don Crowther, Lou D’Alo, Bob Debbas, Berny Dohrmann, September Dohrmann, John Lee Dumas, Declan Dunn, Ray Edwards, Derral Eves, Sami Fab, Tim Ferris, Mike Filsaime, Kellan Fluckiger, Pat Flynn, Michel Fortin, Kathleen Gage, Rosalind Gardner, Kim Garst, Kevin George, Issamar Ginzberg, Sue Conrad Guiher, David Hancock, Cathy Cunningham Hankinson, Bill Harrison, Steve Harrison, Stefanie Hartman, Marc Harty, Simon Hedley, Vickie Helm, Greg Hickman, Diane Hochman, Larry Hochman, Shaqir Hussyin, Michael Hyatt, Robert Imbriale, Bruce Inouye, Rachna Jain, Guy Kawasaki, Jenn Kaye, Bob Kittell, Noam Kleiman, Mike Koenigs, Holly Kolman, Marc Kossmann, Bryan Kramer, John Kremer, Michael Krisa, Dave Lakhani, Milana Leshinsky, Jeannie Levinson, Jill Lublin, Izabela Lundberg, Alex Mandossian, Perry Marshall, Tamara McCleary, Sean McCullough, Steven Memel, Daven Michaels, Dan Miller, Jeff Mills, Armand Moran, Donna Moyer, Michael Neal, Dan Nickerson, Joseph Peck, David Perdew, Damian Skipper Pitts, Joe Polish, Michael Port, Amy Porterfield, AJ Puedan, Cliff Ravenscraft, Tracy Repchuck, Ken Rochon, Steven Rowell, Darren Rowse, Lori Ruff, Alfredo Saloma, Gonzalo Saloma, Thom Scott, Rajesh Setty, Yanik Silver, Anik Singal, Felicia Slattery, Mari Smith, Gordon So, Brian Solis, Steve Sponseller, Michael Stelzner, Clark Stevenson, Linda Stirling, Georgina Sweeney, Stuart Tan, Joel Therien, Andrea Vahl, Sterling Valentine, Christopher Vogelmann, Viveka Von Rosen, Jeff Walker, Richard Weiler, Colin Wiebe, Carrie Wilkerson, Bob Yeager, Sue B. Zimmerman.

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Ken McArthur

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