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What do these movies and TV shows all have in common …

The Bourne Legacy, The Wolf of Wall Street, Philadelphia, The Godfather: Part III, The Unforgiven, Duplicity, Michael Clayton, The King of Comedy, House of Cards, NCIS, Cold Case, The Wire, Law & Order, One Life to Live, General Hospital, Limitless, Sex and the City, Analyze This, Spin City ….


Actors and Actresses from all of these productions are interested in casting for parts in the Impact Factor Movie!

I’m getting excited about the cast!

But …

Casting for these roles reminds me that most of the actors who audition for these parts won’t get them.

Acting is like singing.  When people judge your work, they are judging YOU!.

It’s personal!

You put yourself out there and then in MOST cases, you don’t get chosen.

The worst part of casting for a movie is telling someone you really like that they didn’t get the part.

After all, the casting director WANTS you to be perfect for this role!

If you are an actor, you need to find a way to move forward after getting rejected on a seemingly countless basis, because unless you have HUGE success right from the start, you will likely be turned down repeatedly until you earn a successful track record.

That said …

It’s possible to stand out in a noisy world

Here are a few things you can do to stand out in the seemly endless crowd of people competing with you for roles in a movie or roles in life.

  • Make sure this is the right role for you.

Many actors don’t really read the full script to know who the character is and whether it’s a good match for them.  If you aren’t the right age, demographic or obvious choice, then you can tell the casting director why they should change their vision, but you need to be prepared to sell them with a clear reason the movie can be better served by casting you.  That’s an uphill battle, so you need to be prepared to make your case if you choose this route.  Otherwise, save the effort and look for another part that matches you better.

  • Do the work.

Most people auditioning for a role don’t do the work. They don’t take the trouble to memorize the lines or try to figure out what the filmmaker is trying to say.  Maybe they didn’t follow the directions. Maybe they think the first take or just a couple lines will tell the casting director exactly what they need to know to make a decision.

  • Be positive, flexible and go beyond the call of duty.

Remember, we all want to be around people who are helpful, thoughtful and kind.  People who do what they say they are going to do stand out.

When you don’t get the part

Odds are, you still won’t get the part.

Out of countless auditions only one person will.

But …

If you did the work, you can be remembered.

Maybe the casting director will think of you for another role in this movie … or the next.

Maybe the director saw you work.

Maybe, just maybe, things will change.

Life is full of changes and constant opportunities.

Show up, do the work and keep at it.

You will get noticed, because quality always does.

All the best,


Ken McArthur

Best-Selling Author and Producer

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3 thoughts on “HARD: Thoughts on Casting

  • Deremiah *CPE

    I agree Ken…you’ve shared some brilliant ideas that are hard for most to grasp. Unless however you’re an artist. Because in most forms of the arts I’ve been involved in the road of rejection is common ground and builds character. I remember when I was auditioning for feature films…training videos for McDonalds and commercial projects…what gave me the advantage over the veteran actors auditioning was that I wasn’t easily discouraged by rejection. I’d make my rounds every week and for months I didn’t even get an audition. But I was always polite when I came by the office and no matter what they said I Smiled and said thank you and returned the following week. Then one week one of the people in the office stopped me as I turned to leave and they told me that I would easily get casted for more roles if I shaved off my mustache and took a new headshot. They also told me that I had a beautiful attitude…and that they really wished they could find me some work because what they liked about me was that I never had a negative attitude even though they had no work for me. They said the seasoned actors always gave them a hard time about not having any work for them. I asked her if they could recommend me to a photographer and she did. So following her instructions…I shaved off my mustache and before it could grow back I got my first job in a training video…then some extra work and then a few weeks later I landed my first commercial acting audition. I didn’t get the lead part…but I did get a nice part in the commercial. So having a “Good Attitude” and “Being Consistent” may be the slow and steady route…but it sure will pay off because at some point good guys really do finish first.

  • Fleidy Aponte

    Behind every one person who gets a role there are hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people who auditioned and were rejected for that same role. I aspire to one day become a successful actress and I know that that can only happen if I maintain my passion and drive for what I love. As a young college student I struggled with finally coming to terms with the fact that I felt like I was wasting my time by pursuing a goal that was never mine. I felt as though I was following a path laid out in front of me in pursuit of someone else’s dream while throwing away mine. Not anymore. I will continue to audition for roles and promote myself in the best way I can. I will maintain my positive attitude and take rejection with grace because it’s never truly personal, it’s just business. I will do whatever it takes and I know I will make it. There is no doubt in my mind that my hard work will not ultimately be rewarded. Thank you for this article and many blessings to you. Rejection is no longer a fear of mine.