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Get ranked on the first page of Google Searches!


Follow Google’s Guidelines for the Best Search Ranking Results!

If you want your website and products to get first page search results on Google, the best way to do it is to follow Google own guidelines.

Those guidelines require you to build up relevant, niche specific backlinks from forums, blogs, Squidoo lenses, Wikipedia pages and educational and governmental websites.

Unfortunately, creating niche sites and getting them ranked on the first page of Google results through the creation of niche revelant backlinks can be time consuming and to do it manually is a time sink hole.

To grow traffic to a website and be more profitable, you need to automate the process.

In the past, link building software tools have been developed to create backlinks that are spammy and bottom-line, just don’t work anymore. Google has become more and more sophisticated over the years and fooling them long term isn’t a viable option.

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 Power SEO Ranker Builds and Strengthens Your Websites

  • Rank your sites in the search engines faster
  • Increase traffic and profits on your sites
  • Find and post on relevant high PR Squidoo lenses fast
  • Add your website to relevant Wikipedia pages fast
  • Find and post on valuable educational & governmental pages
  • Post comments on relevant high PR blogs fast

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Here’s the story behind this amazing product!

I first met Bryan and Matt Green when they came to one of my One Day Intensive Events in Philadelphia.  After having the powerful experience of  participating in that intimate event, they decided to attend one of my One Day Intensive Events in Orlando and also to meet some of the great people who came to jvAlert Live.

Bryan comes from an advertising industry background and his son Matt is a brilliant,  powerhouse of ideas and amazingly accomplished rising star in Internet marketing.

Here’s what Matt has to say about his experience building Power SEO Ranker.

“I have been building a business around niche websites and SEO for over 2 years now. I have also been learning testing what works and doesn’t work getting my sites to the first page of Google and the other search engines.

During that time I was also playing hockey at a high level in the USHL, BCHL and NAHL along with being contacted and scouted by two NHL teams. During those years, while not on the ice, I decided to learn about Internet marketing. I have tried all kinds of techniques to making money but my most successful technique has been SEO, building small niche sites and authority sites.

Over the past four years I have lived in many different cities. I have been playing hockey since I was 8 years old. When I was 17, I moved to Detroit to play AAA hockey for Little Caesars sponsored by the Detroit Red Wings and our team won the national championship there. The following years after that I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Lincoln, Nebraska, Youngstown, Ohio and St Louis, Missouri.

Last year when I was away living in St Louis I would go to practice every day at 9am for practice and workout for about 3 hrs. Once we finished it was 12 noon. I had about 6 hours all to myself every day. I spent those 6 hours and a few more in the evening building niche websites.

I was always interested in learning more and making my websites rank higher. Balancing Hockey and Internet marketing was such a great thing because there was never a time when I spent 12 hours a day online. I think playing hockey and keeping myself occupied with the internet really helped me grow my business.

During that time I studied, tested methods and techniques that successfully ranked my sites on the 1st page of Google. What I found was that they were right in front of me, Google was telling us exactly what works and I just have to do it. But all those methods take a lot of time.

With the methods and techniques that I found, I was getting my websites ranked high in the search engines. I then started building and developing software tools to automate and do it for me solutions to save time so that I could build my business more rapidly. There were no other tools that I liked that were doing and using these methods that were ethical that gave the search engines what they required in their algorithms.

I found that with these techniques my websites were becoming very profitable and so I wanted to have my own automated tools because I was substantially increasing the amount of websites that I was building for myself. I saw the potential for making more money.

The tool I developed was Power SEO Ranker

Power SEO Ranker helped me build relevant back links that the search engines now require pointing back to my websites. I was doing some of these techniques manually and wanted to do things more automated to save time. I knew from my testing that the more relevance you can create around your website the more profitable you would be. Power SEO Ranker does that. It was developed to find relevance.

Power SEO Ranker was developed to find, analyze, and post to:

  •  Blogs relevant to your niche
  •  Squidoo lenses relevant to your niche
  •  Forums relevant to your niche
  •  Educational and Governmental links relevant to your niche
  •  100’s of popular directories

One of the biggest problems I was finding when trying to find all of these relevant back links was how am I going to analyze all of these links to see how much authority and page rank they have?

It would take me days.

I didn’t want to spend days checking the authority of niche specific back links. I wanted to know right now so I could start working on building relevance back to my websites as soon as possible.

That’s why this tool is so powerful.”

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Power SEO Ranker is software that everyone can use.

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Covering a wide demographic targeting anyone that has a website, from the small guy doing a few sites, to the large authority sites, to the large companies. This will be targeted to the millions of blog and website owners who want automated traffic and link building for their websites which are all relevant.

The potential is huge with Power SEO Ranker because it delivers exactly what Google requires sites to have to be ranked high in search engine results.

Online marketers, newbies and even experienced marketers will be a potential customer for this product which allows them to automate the entire process of driving their sites top the top of the search engines.

Everyone needs relevant backlinks  in today’s Google requirements. They will definitely require more relevant content in the future.

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All the best,

Ken McArthur

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