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This book was a long time coming. There were many days I thought that it would never get to completion and it’s a testament to the help, support, patience and encouragement of many people that it finally is.

This book is the result of literally four years of constant research, reflection, and writing. It would not exist without the help of countless people.

The always amazing Seth Godin gave generously of his time to support this project by giving me an interview for the book at a time when this book was just a glint in the eye of the future.  I don’t value that time lightly, because as the best-selling author of Linchpin, Tribes, The Dip, All Marketers are Liars, The Purple Cow and so many other bestsellers and as the most influential business blogger in the world and as the founder and CEO of and as a very popular speaker, Seth’s time is priceless.

How can one ordinary person change the world?

You can impact millions in such a compelling that your ideas, products and services spread around the globe today. People will be touched by your message, become advocates of your ideas and spread them like wildfire.

Impact reveals key strategies used by some of the most influential people in the world. These people create measurable and undeniable impact on millions of people and change the world. These stories of ordinary people with extraordinary success, illustrate vital strategies that enable you to create your own legacy.

Few people know how you can touch millions of lives and have an impact on the way people think and act. Dream of having that kind of effect on others’ lives and then put this plan into action right now.

If you want to make a real difference in peoples’ lives:

  • Your ideas, products, and services must be noticed.
  • The news must be spread quickly.
  • Your projects must be sustainable over time.

Discover very simple actions you can take today to ensure impact on a massive level.

The Impact Factor delivers stories of ordinary people who have left their marks on the world. Be amazed to explore how you can change people’s lifes today!

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The book is almost here from the printer and for people who pre-order, I’ll be autographing copies and shipping them out individually in the very first shipments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The whole international shipping thing is a bit complicated – I freely admit to being shipping challenged — so I’m just making this offer to people in the United States for now.  The book WILL be available soon via all of the regular outlets online and they do understand all the shipping stuff, so just be a bit patient!

If you really want an autographed copy and require international shipping, don’t order from the form, but let me know and I’ll personally arrange to calculate shipping charges and get it to you.

Enjoy the book!

All the best,

Ken McArthur

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P.S. Here’s what people are saying about this book!

Love Notes  

Acclaim for Ken McArthur’s The Impact Factor:  How Small Actions Change the World

 “Skip this one at your own risk! Best-Selling Author, Ken McArthur’s “The Impact Factor” is a master stroke of simple ideas that deliver remarkable results! Everyone has an impact whether they want to or not, but YOUR impact will be so much greater if you put the brilliant insights that Ken reveals into immediate action!  Grab this book and your world of impact will explode!”

~ Rick Frishman, Founder of Planned Television Arts

“When I had the blessing of appearing on the ABC Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire, I saw first-hand how small actions change the world. If you’re ready to make a positive difference in the lives of others and have a greater positive impact, then read and absorb the ideas in this brilliant book by my friend Ken McArthur! He’s a man who comes from the heart and truly cares about making a difference!”

~ James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire” The World’s #1 Speaker Trainer™ Founder,

“You make a difference. In this highly inspirational book, Ken will show you how your actions, your words and your behavior impact your friends, your family and the planet in a positive way. It will lift you up and help you connect to yourself and your passion like never before.”

~ Stephanie Frank, Best Selling Author of The Accidental Millionaire

“Scintillating storytelling… backed by science. An all too rare combination. Bestselling Author Ken McArthur’s “The Impact Factor” reveals how small actions really matter if you want to reach the masses with your ideas, products or services. And best of all, Ken’s unique take on impact helps you cut through the clutter and get people’s attention in a noisy world. This book is a must-read for any entrepreneur, or anyone who wants to be one. I personally know Ken and have experienced first-hand the impact he has on people like YOU. It’s a virtuous circle indeed.”

~ Mike Morgan, Million Dollar Copywriter

“Can one person really matter in the world? Ken McArthur says ‘yes, you can’. Through strong storytelling, Ken connects the dots to show you how your words, actions and choices make a difference – not just to others, but to your own success. But Ken doesn’t sugar-coat it: sometimes the choices we make, and events outside our control, have a negative impact. Still, if you feel like you’re not having impact, if you’re not creating the success you want, this book will give you a huge boost by listening to how other people’s stories and being inspired by them to keep reaching for success, connections and meaning in your life. As Ken says, ‘If you want life to come up “heads” and all you get is “tails,” you need to keep flipping the coin.’

“But inspiring stories aren’t enough to get you into action. So Ken has included practical advice as well, from marketing to mindset. In simple, digestible chunks, he outlines for you the steps you need to take to set goals, find your target audience and connect with them to have impact. Ah, but if we could only stop sabotaging our best efforts, wouldn’t that be great? Ken covers that, too. This book will give you the motivation and the skills to continue taking action — the best actions possible — on your dreams.”

~ Karyn Greenstreet, Passion For Business

“Ken McArthur is Truly Making a Difference! If there is a phrase that sums up Ken McArthur it is the Big Positive Impact he is making in life. Ken made a decision to live his life that way, but what I love is he observed that making an impact wasn’t an option. He saw good or bad, big or small, you make an impact. And he took it upon himself to enlighten us on how each of our actions can equal a positive change.”

 ~ Tracy Repchuk, International Speaker and Best Selling Author of     31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

“Everyone wants to have an impact. Few know how, or even believe it’s possible in today’s crowded world. Ken McArthur shows you how you are already having a major impact, whether you do anything or not, in “The Impact Factor: How Small Actions Change the World.” In the book, Ken makes an undeniable case proving that the tiniest of events can and do have major impact, then he shows you some spectacularly small changes in your thinking that can so easily change your current impact into a major positive force that can easily travel the world and change it as we know it.”

“Skip this book if you want. You’ll continue having a tremendous impact on the world, either way. But, that impact might not be the one you want, if you do skip it. I hope you choose to dive in! There’s no one on Earth I trust more than Ken McArthur to gently, lovingly, blow your skull right off the back of your head with the verifiable reality of how truly tiny your steps to greatness can be.

~ Alan R. Bechtold, best-selling author of “Will Work for Fun: 3 Simple Steps for Turning Any Hobby Or Interest Into Cash” (John Wiley and Sons), editor and publisher

“If you really want to make an impact on the people around you, or around the world, Ken McArthur’s book, “The Impact Factor,” is the place to start. In it, Ken explains how everything we do has an effect, and gives you real world tips on how to make that effect positive, and make it huge. I’ve watched the impact Ken has had on people in the years since we first met. He knows what he’s talking about, and he says it in a way that makes it usable and effective. Best kind of training, from the best kind of trainer.”

~ Paul Myers, TalkBiz

“Ken McArthur’s “The Impact Factor” reveals heart bending stories of real people making a difference, combined with the crucial art, science and technology of today, to reveal how YOU can have more impact, reach the masses and make a difference.”

 ~ Joel Bauer, Author, Mentor & Perceptionist

“Most of us go through life never realizing the impact we make on the people and the world around us. Ken eloquently brings this impact to light and shows us our infinite potential to be the light that is so needed today. This book is timely, relevant and needed.”

~ Daven Michaels, CEO, 123 Employee

“Being successful in life means making connections that matter. Ken’s philosophy, detailed in his book, “The Impact Factor” tells you why Ken matters to so many people, and how you can, too.”

~ Stephanie Diamond

“If you’ve been lying down, staring at the ceiling, and trying to figure out how to make something of your life, get up long enough to grab a copy of The Impact Factor. The writing may be simple, but the content is deep. It’ll get you up and moving, and before long, changing the world.”

~ Shel Horowitz, bestselling author of eight books including Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.

“Ken McArthur is incredibly passionate about providing value and impact through his teaching.  Ken is a true inspiration and a mentor who was instrumental to my company’s success. I remember the first event I attended hosted by Ken. Not only did Ken devote valuable time in providing guidance; he laid out strategies that reshaped my thought process. I recommend that everyone learn the steps he has outlined in his new book. These very powerful steps can impact your business success”

 ~ Andy Huang,

“If you want your message to be heard and make a difference, The Impact Factor will teach you how, and inspire you to do so. Ken McArthur’s message is both educational and highly motivating… A must-read for anyone thinking of starting something that will truly make a difference.”

~ George Levy,

“Ken McArthur is one of those people you just love to connect with and thank your lucky stars when you do.  If you have been fortunate enough to be at any one of the many events Ken hosts, you know exactly what I am talking about. Ken makes an Impact wherever he is and with whomever he interacts. His books are brilliant not only because Ken is brilliant, but because he is also genuine and generous. He big-heartedly shares his brilliance and his humanity and encourages you to do the same.  If you want to have a bit of Ken with you at all times, then I highly recommend buying The Impact Factor: How Small Actions Change the World.  Read it, use it and see how your actions can change the world.”

   ~ Sue Guiher, Founder/CEO, Thrive for Success, Author,

Speaker,  Small Business Marketing Expert and Coach

“Well, having known Ken for years, and having gone to his jvAlert Live events a half a dozen times, at times travelling 10,000 miles just to be impacted by his caring attitude, whether him saying who do you want me to introduce you to, to small details such as is the room temperature too cold. It is funny, I’m involved in many prayer groups and I always make sure to tell the groups that we don’t realize how small insignificant actions can impact other people’s lives, and for others those small acts of kindness can change their lives whether it is a kind word, a smile, or a positive attitude. As a professor and entrepreneur I always remind myself what one of my students told me 10 years after she took a marketing class with me: “Sir, I only remember you telling me ‘ If you dream it you can achieve it’- Walt Disney”. I never thought that sentence would impact her so much, yet she started a sizeable company based on those words. Read this book and take small actions that will impact your micro as well as your macroenvironment. The only thing I have to say is that I wish I had written this book, but I’m glad it impacted my life.”

~ Bob Debbas

“Having worked for Encyclopedia Britannica, I know from having read “The Great Books” that a Great Book does not need an endorsement, and neither does Ken McArthur’s, “The Impact Factor”. So what’s my excuse for Highly Recommending this book? It’s really quite simple, The Impact Factor, so clearly opens up your Eyes, your Awareness and your HEART to the one small idea that so many Unhappy people are truly missing. The idea that most people, because of ignorance and a spirit of perfection, fail in a BIG way to do something small because they CAN’T SEE the Future Result of how their little thing can make a HUGE difference. This is the same little blind spot that almost caused me to commit Suicide. I hope you read the book and don’t miss this one small point. Just remember this simple quote, ‘NEVER underestimate the day of small beginnings’. KEEP SMILING…I love you”

– Deremiah *CPE, Inspirational Speaking Star, Author of “52 Great Weeks” and Nightingale Conant Life Time Achievement Award, Winner of the “Acres of Diamonds”. The 16 year old boy who overcame Suicide and LIVED to tell about it.

“ ‘That idea was not in this room when we walked in,’ is one of my favorite sayings, born out of working to build several businesses with my business partner, entrepreneurial psychologist Dr. Marc Kossmann. Everything we’ve done (from creating our #1 bestselling book to speaking in the US and Canada to creating hundreds of videos together) all start with a simple idea that is then added to over and over again. Ideas, connections, action – all vital for success.

And that’s what Ken McArthur does through his jvAlert Live programs. And I speak from experience, having been there, meeting people like Ken, Frank Sousa, Stefanie Hartman, Daven Michaels,  Jane Mark and Phil Basten, and JoAnna Brandi.

Can one person’s actions or ideas impact millions? Absolutely, as you’ll find throughout this book. Here’s to Ken and all he does to impact the rest of us!”

~ Charlie Seymour Jr, Video-Crazed MBA Marketer


About Ken McArthur

Ken challenges us to realize we ALL have an impact – whether we want to or not – on thousands of people who we touch in our day-to-day lives by demonstrating that simple things make a HUGE difference. The popular host of a series of live events that bring together top-level marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations and non-profit organizations to create multi-million dollar joint venture relationships – he creates incredible, intense impact for product launches and multi-million dollar profits in surprisingly short timeframes. Regularly asked to speak at leading marketing events, he has managed product launches ranked in the top 400 sites on the Internet. Ken McArthur is also the creator of, a pioneering affiliate program search engine and directory system and the founder of the MBS Internet Research Center, which conducted the world’s largest survey ever attempted on the subject of creating and launching successful information products. Not satisfied to concentrate entirely on large organizations, Ken also works with select individuals to help them create a decent living utilizing the power of the Internet. Ken was the official mentor for Sterling Valentine as he took his launch from ZERO to over $100,000 in less than 8 days. Ken and Sterling documented the process as a “proof of concept” for Info Product Blueprint a massive home study course that is the “bible” of info product creation. Ken offers top-level coaching and mentoring programs designed to help individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations reach masses of people using the techniques, tactics strategies and systems that he has developed specifically to help people spread their ideas, products and services around the globe.

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    “The Impact Factor ” is a new book by Mr. Ken McArthur. This book is very interesting and by this book author wants to say how small actions can turn into big achievement.

  • online reputation management

    Ken McArthur’s New Book ” The Impact Factor” describes that How small things and actions can change the World…it is really an exceptional book….