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This the preview podcast for Season Two of The Impact Factor Podcast, a series of podcasts about creating massive impact for your ideas, products and services and making a real difference in a very noisy world.

This season is going to be a little different. This season, I’m going to be reporting from behind the scenes  of the creation of three movie projects collectively known as The Impact Factor.

It’s reality as it happens, the launch of a big dream.

It’s an opportunity to experience an adventure in the making of three powerful films from behind the curtain as it happens, from inception to the big screen.

It will document the ups and downs, the success and failures as they happen and let you experience the truth of what it takes to create something big from scratch.

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Ken McArthur

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About Ken McArthur

Ken challenges us to realize we ALL have an impact – whether we want to or not – on thousands of people who we touch in our day-to-day lives by demonstrating that simple things make a HUGE difference. The popular host of a series of live events that bring together top-level marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations and non-profit organizations to create multi-million dollar joint venture relationships – he creates incredible, intense impact for product launches and multi-million dollar profits in surprisingly short timeframes. Regularly asked to speak at leading marketing events, he has managed product launches ranked in the top 400 sites on the Internet. Ken McArthur is also the creator of AffiliateShowcase.com, a pioneering affiliate program search engine and directory system and the founder of the MBS Internet Research Center, which conducted the world’s largest survey ever attempted on the subject of creating and launching successful information products. Not satisfied to concentrate entirely on large organizations, Ken also works with select individuals to help them create a decent living utilizing the power of the Internet. Ken was the official mentor for Sterling Valentine as he took his launch from ZERO to over $100,000 in less than 8 days. Ken and Sterling documented the process as a “proof of concept” for Info Product Blueprint a massive home study course that is the “bible” of info product creation. Ken offers top-level coaching and mentoring programs designed to help individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations reach masses of people using the techniques, tactics strategies and systems that he has developed specifically to help people spread their ideas, products and services around the globe.

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6 thoughts on “Podcast – Season Two Preview

  • Richard Rossbauer

    I’m looking forward to your season 2, Ken. Your introduction Podcast is a great way to start it. It’s a bit difficult to critique what you do when it always all so good. It’s like deliberately trying to find something that I don’t like – and that’s virtually impossible. So I’ll watch anxiously for Episode 2 (of the 2nd Season) and make myself available to support “IMPACT” when ever and where ever I can. I’m looking forward to the opportunity. Richard

  • Nageshwar Biradar

    Thank you for invite to share my views on the podcasts. These podcasts are truly mesmerizing.

    Very few people know the impact of the “IMPACT” word in their both professional and personal life.

    The initative of the podcasts with the stories underlining your thoughts will play the role of roadmap to understand the impact and get benefit out of it in an efficient and effective manner.

    The sequence of the content is easy to understand. The podcast did not make me laugh, but did not allow me to lose my curosity as well.

    I am eager to listen all the episodes. Please keep me posted on the dates of podcast. I wish to gift such life changing podcast to beloved ones.

    All the best for the season 2.