Simple, Sure Money – Not Easy! 3

Here’s What You REALLY Want!

What you REALLY want is something to make you great money with no investment of time or effort.

And you want it to work now and  instantly pay you forever without any support or refunds.

Good luck with that one!

I haven’t found that yet.

But …

I have found a money-making system I believe works for most people and it’s pretty SIMPLE and pretty SURE.

If you actually DO it.

And that’s the problem.  Most people won’t DO it.

That’s the conversation I was having yesterday with my good friend Frank Sousa, who is the co-founder of the MEGA success story Traffic Geyser and has just created a brand-new system to help people make money simply without much investment.

Frank wants people to actually USE this system.

You see Frank and I both get constant e-mails from people who are struggling financially.  Times are changing and the baby-boomers are getting older and the jobs just aren’t there and the economy is down the tubes and bottom-line that means lots of people hurting for money.

Most people don’t have much money to invest!

After all that’s why they need a way to earn money!  If they were rich already they wouldn’t need to earn it.

Many people who are struggling don’t have a huge marketable expertise, skills or even knowledge about how to make money on-line.

Frank and I have spent countless hours over the past ten years talking about how to build a system that works for these people and I believe Frank has finally managed to put it together.

Here’s how it works …

Frank and I both know it takes three things to make money online:

  • Product or service to sell
  • Audience to sell it to
  • Conversion (money has to change hands)
Frank has come up with a way to give you all three with a very nominal investment.

This new system uses a CLASSIC medium with a Brand New Twist!

E-books have been a proven powerhouse for a decade or more now.  They are a very inexpensive, high profit way to generate affiliate sales, sales of your own products and services and in addition generate significant website traffic and leads.

Frank’s twist gets you started right away, generates viral traffic for you automatically while it generates direct sales and affiliate sales automatically.

All you have to do is USE it!

Here’s what I did with Frank’s New System Yesterday Afternoon.

In just a few hours, I followed Franks instructions and got my first product done.

Frank’s system leverages the power of e-books, so that’s where you start, but don’t worry if you don’t own the rights to an e-book, because Frank includes private label rights for a number of e-books to get you started.

To create my e-book I used an e-book I created in a couple of hours.

Here’s how I created a valuable e-book in an afternoon.

  1. I picked a subject I was interested in.
  2. I found a private label rights e-book about the subject and purchased it for less than $20.
  3. I cut out all the stuff I didn’t like.
  4. I did Google searches to find out additional information
  5. I reworded some of the text and added my own.
  6. I added my personal information, resources and links to my programs using Frank’s instructions using Word.
  7. I converted the Word document into a PDF file.

Here’s the E-book I created!

Click here to download it for FREE!

Total Time Under 3 hours!

And it’s great solid content, well presented.

You can do the same thing.  Simple and you can probably do it in an afternoon just like I did.

Recurring Money, Leads and Subscribers Without the Twist!

When I created this resource, I included several links to resources.  You can go hog-wild and create LOTS of resources, but I don’t like to clutter up an e-book too much with affiliate links.

For this book I included only two affiliate links.  The first one was to the Aweber Autoresponder Service and the second one was to the Impact Partnering Program.

Because I used my affiliate links, every time someone clicks on a link in the e-book and purchases from Aweber or a membership in the Impact Partnering Program, I earn RECURRING income — that’s money in the door every month.

PLUS … direct links to my blogs, videos from Newbie Quick Start and other resources help build my subscriber base and credibility.

So without the twist just by giving away this Landing Page Success Guide e-book I’ve already got opportunities for:

  • Recurring Affiliate Commissions
  • Subscribers to my e-mail lists
  • Website Traffic
  • Increased Credibility

Here’s the Twist!

Frank’s new system allows my customers to purchase branding rights from me for the Landing Page Success Guide e-book.

For only $37 you can pass the Landing Page Success Guide e-bookout for FREE and MAKE MONEY TODAY!

All you need to do is embed your OWN affiliate links and pass this ebook out for FREE and the more you pass it out the more money you’ll make.

Every time somebody buys anything from any of the links contained in the e-book…

YOU collect the commissions.

You can own FULL BRANDING RIGHTS for only $37.

Just ONE sale from just ONE of the sources in this ebook could pay more than that, and the rest is PURE PROFIT!

Click here to purchase branding rights for the Landing Page Success Guide e-book and start handing it out today.

That’s EASY, But There’s More!

If you want to make MORE money, Frank Sousa has created a simple, easy to use software program that allows you to duplicate the same process.

There’s no websites to build, blogs to create.

Frank’s Easy Money Bots has just been released.

It is a simple to use system that allows you to bring in cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, simply by giving out what he calls “money bots”.

Frank shows you how to create them in as little as an hour, and then how to give them away for free. These money bots will then begin to propagate and grow, and grow and grow.

Just click here and you’ll see why I’m excited for YOU.

  • You don’t need a website.
  • You don’t need a blog.
  • You don’t need web hosting or anything like that!

Because it’s ALL provided for you.

Frank really has made this simple for anyone to do.

So what about the NOT EASY part?

If you actually DO what Frank says — which is SIMPLE if you pay attention — you will get results.

But …

You DO have to do the work.

I DID the work in a few hours and now I have something which can generate recurring sales, credibility, e-mail subscribers and traffic to my websites FOR YEARS!

Frank gives you EVERYTHING you need.  Just follow the simple instructions like I did and it goes to work for you.

Once an e-book is done and in the system all you need to do is give it away.

You can …

  • Put it in your tag line on emails.
  • Post links to it in all your social media sites
  • Talk about it on your blog
  • Submit your e-book to Frank’s list of e-book sites
  • In short tell everyone you know!
The results can last for years.
It’s simple to do with an afternoon of effort and even better …

You can do it over and over!

One e-book won’t make you rich, but it can provide a steady drip of income.

But there is NO reason you can’t repeat this system until you have a solid stream of ongoing revenue.

I said it wasn’t easy and that’s because you have to have the discipline to do it.

What’s so great about this system is it only takes a few hours to complete each project and once you are done that resource can produce for years for you.

Here’s what this system is NOT!

This is NOT a full-time Internet business — you could make it one, but it would require discipline and a solid library of e-books to produce a full-time business.  That involves more than just one e-book, but it’s dead simple — especially after you’ve done the first one.   I have a friend who does this to the tune of 7 figures, but that’s NOT the normal case.

But this is DEFINITELY profitable if you do it!

And it doesn’t take a lot of investment, knowledge or skill.

Do the simple work and it can work for you.

Check out Frank’s Easy Money Bots now and let’s get you to the next step today!

All the best,

Ken McArthur

And more, more, more.

P.S. UPDATE: I added a blog post on how to publish your e-book in Kindle format on Amazon.






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