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The Zeigarnik effect is the fact that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks.

Soviet psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik first studied the phenomenon after her professor, Gestalt psychologist Kurt Lewin, noticed that a waiter had better recollections of still unpaid orders.

The reason waiters remember unpaid orders better is because the task isn’t completed until you have the money.

Once you have the money, you dispose of the information to make room for more.

Headlines work in the same way. If your headlines are incomplete, you force a person to take an action to complete the thought or to find out what the conclusion is.  We all strive for closure and if you abandon a headline that is not complete without taking the requested action, you miss the closure.

Thanks for clicking on the headline.

You should be rewarded, after all reciprocity is a powerful persuasion tool too, so…

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  • Carol Cheshire

    Thanks this looks like something I need. It saves you having to look over my shoulder and directing me.
    Did you get my email about past experiences in aiding others?

  • Jeff Middleton


    Great post full of truth.

    I’m guessing this is just a taste of what we’ll be learning at
    JVAlert Live Philadelphia!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to get started. Come join the fun everyone!

    Jeff Middleton

  • Elena

    Hello Ken You have raised a good topic. It is vitally important for older people. I have spent my life trying to make a career. I am a young out of college and an institute. I was hoping to break through and make a good career. But 13 years ago, when the policy of our state has changed. I lost my job and left behind life. I had to constantly look for different methods of earning money to feed his family. Wages are not issued for years. It was a very severe economic crisis When a person over 40 years, the work was very hard to find it was very difficult to survive in difficult economic conditions. Despite my education and extensive experience, I could not find a job, I was then 39 years old. For 10 years, my life changed in different ways. When the situation in the country a little better, I started working as an entrepreneur. I had to learn a new profession quickly .. Few years the financial situation was better. Then again 2 years ago the country embraced economic crisis. I was left without work. The state is not able to help each of us. Now I can not find a job in the specialty and education. In enterprises large reduction of the working people of specialists. I was again left out of life. I have a sick son. He has a serious illness. Looking for expensive medications and visits to hospitals, surveys and much more. I am now very difficult. We have accumulated many debts. We are experiencing financial difficulties. State does not help people who are in difficult situation. So I want to appeal to the younger generation, who for 25 years: “Never rely on the policy of the state, never rely on state aid. There can be various harsh economic situation in the country where the State would be unable to assist you. Achieve maximum personal well-being their own. Be predusmatritelney. should always have a stockpile of wealth. Try to create a reserve of cash in the event of various economic disasters. His career should be done very quickly. Do not waste time. to provide for themselves are already at a young age. to accumulate material wealth. Invest in different reliable events, real estate, stocks, securities. That then in the event of an economic slowdown in the country you do not go without bread altogether. Budde alert. Accomplish all at a young age still have the strength and health. Youth passes quickly and lost power, too. Good luck our younger generation. Next to the active life! “Please Ken publish my letter to the youth of our senior lost generation. Please help me oragnizovat Financial relief fund my son. Yours Elena Lapatina

  • Janis Pettit

    Hey Ken,

    Still implementing stuff from the Impact Event. I’m so sorry I can’t be in Philly since my event is the next week….but I hope to be at the next one in November. I’m sure this one will be full of incredibly valuable information as always.