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    Your Best Stuff on the Drawing Board – The Life and Death of Rick Butts

Your Best Stuff on the Drawing Board – The Life and Death of Rick Butts

Friday June 3rd 2011 in Denver Colorado Rick Butts is being held down on a bed on the 3rd floor of the Denver Health Care Hospital and the room is filled with nearly every nurse, resident, orderly and employee on the floor.

The Second Thing I Know That’s An Absolute Fact

Wow! You can call me really dense if you want, but it took me over 64 years to finally figure out the second thing in the world I know is a proven fact.

What’s an Impact Thought Leader Thesis?

Success is so much more likely when you have an Impact Thought Leader Thesis! So what’s a thesis?

Behind the Scenes at the Impact Factor Movie

It’s LOTS of fun behind the scenes at the Impact Factor Movie and here’s some proof to make you smile!

Podcast – Episode 26 – Impact Factor Movie Case-Studies

Want to be a case study in the Impact Factor Movie? Right now is the time to apply and this podcast will give you all the details.

Podcast – Episode 25 – Let’s Feature YOU in a Movie!

How would you like to be in a feature length film?


It’s been an “interesting” summer.

I think that’s true for most people. Life is full of challenges, adventures and constant change.

We always “think” that life will be like it is right now forever and of course it never stays that way.

I almost decided not to tell you …

According to Tony Robbins … “When you talk about something, it’s a dream. When you envision it, it’s exciting. When you plan it, it’s possible. When you schedule it, it’s real.”

What Makes You Different?

The Impact Event is bringing together thought leaders NOT drones — with a force that causes measurable effects and physical consequences.

Let’s SELL Something!

MANY of us are just going through the routine. Making sure that we get everything on the check list ticked off … and ticking off some of our potential customers on the way.