“Things I Never Told My Children” 3

I’m sure I demonstrated my “real” values to my kids as they were growing up — good and bad.

That’s easy.  We live, they watch and the truth comes out.

What I didn’t do was actually tell them what I thought and believed to be true.

The truth was, I didn’t really know.

I might have harbored some theories and ideas, but I was born a skeptic — as at least one of my daughters would tell you — and there was not much that I really “knew” was true.

Rather than say something that I didn’t know to be true, I tended to keep my mouth shut and just not say anything.

As I grew older and my kids became adults, I often wished that I’d tried to tell them my theories about living a successful life and recently I began to consider writing down some ideas.

I thought you might be interested in commenting on some of the things I’m thinking.

Keep me on the right track and give me a reality check, because one man’s truth is another person’s folly.

What else can I add to this outline of things to talk about?

Here are a few things I’m thinking about mentioning to my children …

First of all …

You make a difference, whether you want to or not.  Just by existing you impact thousands, but if you leverage the art, science and technology available to you right now, you can impact millions and make the world better by sharing the things that make life better.

How to do that?   Well here are a few ideas to test out .

Take some time to think …

  • Start with a blank sheet and think big.
  • Forget the past and live in the present.
  • Let go of the things you can’t control.
  • Believe In yourself.
  • Realize that your potential is limitless.
  • Realize how successful and wealthy you are already.
  • Figure out what you’re so passionate about.
  • Think about what your definition of success really is.
  • Create your life by designing your life with care.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Decide exactly what you want and where you want to go.
  • Set a goal.
  • Set a deadline and make a plan to get there.
  • Focus on the important but stop the bleeding.

Take some time to be …

  • Be Extraordinary
  • Be Loving
  • Be Faithful
  • Be Kind.
  • Be Understanding
  • Be Giving
  • Be Grateful
  • Be Humble
  • Be Thoughtful
  • Be Gracious
  • Be True
  • Be Forgiving
  • Be a Problem Solver.

Take some time to feel …

  • Have Faith
  • Have Hope
  • Have Love
  • Have Joy
  • Have Laughter
  • Have Empathy
  • Notice the pain and suffering around you

Take some action …

  • Dream. Discover.
  • Do it now.
  • Follow your passion.
  • Test your theories.
  • Do something every day to move toward your goals.
  • Take risks.
  • Increase your true friends and deepen your relationships.
  • Learn something new.
  • Build trust.
  • Build a team and find others to do things that you shouldn’t focus on.
  • Play
  • Rest
  • Sleep
  • Smile and Laugh

Analyze the results …

  • We never know the impact we make on others because we don’t measure it, so measure your results.
  • Make self-examination a habit.

Adjust your actions …

  • Use More Leverage
  • Follow the 80/20 Rule
  • Repeat reproducible positive results.
  • Success is impacted as much by what we remove from our lives as it is by what we add.

Avoid the pitfalls …

  • Don’t put a ceiling on yourself.
  • Don’t waste your time.
  • Don’t live someone else’s life.
  • Don’t be trapped by dogma
  • Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own voice.
  • Don’t fear change.
  • Remember, there will always be ignorance, and ignorance leads to fear.
  • Ask the question “Is your success externally driven or internally driven?”
  • Business with bad people is always bad business.
  • Take care not to clutter your home and your life.

Practice Positive Persistence …

  • Before you do it, think of the profound cost of any upgrade in your life.
  • Always be true to yourself.
  • Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
  • Figure out what your values are and live by them, in business and in life.
  • Resolve in advance that you will persist until you succeed or until you find a better option for progress.

Be proactive …

  • Focus
  • Ask “Why?”
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Become more valuable.
  • Look for great mentors.
  • Learn how to balance life.
  • Get help.
  • Build a support group.
  • Question the Obvious.
  • Measure your results.
  • Learn Sales
  • Get ready for rejection.
  • Look after your health.

Accept …

  • Others
  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Kindness
  • Flaws

Use best practices …

  • Values and ethics first.
  • We can do so much more working together than we can alone.
  • Continually deepen your important relationships.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Be creative.
  • Maximize for happiness, not money or status.
  • Work hard.
  • Rather than focus on work-life separation, focus on work-life integration.
  • Spend more on experience than things.
  • Don’t put your life on hold while you wait for your problems to be fixed.
  • Being busy does not always mean real work is being done.
  • Take care of your money – stay away from debt.
  • Tell the truth with kindness.
  • Only systematize and automate things that are working.
  • Remember the minimum effective dose and apply it to your health, fitness, happiness and all

Give back …

  • Giving is a gift to the giver.
  • Success unshared is failure.

Remember …

  • You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.
  • The past is gone, the future may never come, so now is the only time that you have to create an impact.
  • The people with you are with are the most important people in your life right now, because they are the people you can impact at this moment.
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  • The price of success is hard work..
  • Failure Is Inevitable.
  • Seeming to do is not doing.”

What should I add or subtract from this outline?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, because they mean the world to me.

All the best,

Ken McArthur

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3 thoughts on ““Things I Never Told My Children”

  • Richard Rossbauer

    When your children become grandparents themselves, talking to them could be considered as interference, unless the topics are considered and selected very carefully. Looking back I know I set both good and bad examples, fortunately I believe that the good far outnumbered the bad. But then, what I remember isn’t always remembered the same way by them. So now I just try to be the best person I can be. Your list is extraordinary. When I went through it the first time, I skimmed it, and went back and started to analyze it – and realized it is a perfect recipe for doing the best you can, making an impact on the life of others and on the rest of my life. I will us it as a map for my remaining years. Thank you.

  • musa

    “The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.” – Tony Robbins

    I ignored this argument in the past and drank a cup of remorse several times and now I am at war with myself even trace useful

    Key to the future knowing the past
    past the best school
    It is necessary to refer to the last at the age of 22 to learn the right decisions about what you really want

    Age 22 to 23 are crucial stage in life
    It is the stage of setting goals and making a report in various aspects of life
    and Determine your destiny

    Something important to marry before the age of 27

    Follow the things that lasting joy and fun and aversion to things that fleeting joy
    Marriage lasting fun
    Choice of a wife by her character… lasting fun
    Beauty fleeting fun
    life, fleeting fun or fleeting misery
    Life after death, lasting fun or lasting misery
    Flag request lasting fun
    Honoring one’s parents always fun
    Focus on projects and strategies work Dat profit long-term or Aldim
    Parenting lasting fun

    If you do not have a plan to achieve the fun will fall under the influence of pain
    Anthony Robbins
    Add me: fleeting pleasure is a real pain

    Thank you for this article
    In fact, I did not intend to write all this
    But once I started writing ideas began to flow … and I still have a lot

    The best places wisdom is this:

    Meditation and reflection
    tony robbins