The Little I Know: Part Two 10

Excerpt from Ken McArthur’s story, “The Little I Know”

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Destiny walked to a wooden bench under a massive sycamore tree in the park across the street from Tom’s office and sagged into a lump.

“Okay, so I exist. Who really cares?”

Her parents were divorced and living their own lives, friends scattered, Destiny had been so focused on building her business she really didn’t have time to devote to people unless they were crucial to her goals. Still, it was with a bit of a shock Destiny realized despite all of the people she knew, how alone she was.

Maybe that was the natural way of the world.

Memories of the memorial service for Abigail McBeal danced around in her mind as her eyes sparkled with the flashes of sunshine filtering through the leaves of the sycamore as they moved with the breeze. Dear, sweet Abigail had been loved for 97 years.

You had to smile when you thought of Abigail – pure sunshine.

Her memorial service was packed and moving with countless stories of how Abigail had brightened days, created laughter and changed people’s lives and yet, the day after the memorial service, it was like she had never existed. Life went on.

How quickly you can forget the sunshine.

Stress tightened down on Destiny like a C-clamp turn by turn.

No money, no friends, no future. Alone.

“Friends are overrated anyway,” she thought. After all, every friendship she’d ever had eventually disappointed, betrayed or drifted away.

Every marriage she’d ever witnessed had done exactly the same.

Every partner… the same.

Every organization she’d been a part of … the same.

“People have their own problems and they don’t need yours,” echoed in Destiny’s head in the clear baritone voice of her father’s disappointed tone.

The longer she thought, the lower she sank and when she hit rock bottom she was really alone.

That’s when Tom’s voice reminded her.

“I am.”

Destiny decided she had two choices.

  1. She could give up.
  2.  She could get up.

And since she existed, she got up.

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