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ImpactMastermindThe trip to Denver for the Impact Mastermind and jvAlert Live: The Perfect Game was incredible.

On Thursday, April 24th I spent the entire day with people like Alex Mandossian, Mitch Axelrod, Debbie Bermont, Greg Hickman, Debz Collins, Rebekah Welch, Dr. Sami Fab, Amber Ludwig, Tracy Malone, Debra Jason, Ryan Eidson, Mike O’Neil, Lori Ruff, Brian G. Johnson, Chris Moos, Robert Merlin Davis and Nicole Jolie in a powerful mastermind.

In fact the mastermind was so powerful that I committed to launch the Impact Mastermind at jvAlert Live: The Perfect Game.

Let’s face it, there are things I’m really good at and and things I’m not good at.

On Saturday as I did my final, “Make Money Out of Thin Air Presentation” the young lady who took action – a social worker from Florida who wanted to help struggling people – was moved to tears as working together we raised over $50,000.00 in gifts to help her launch her project.


It was a powerful, moving moment and a celebration of the highly engaged and very diverse group of incredible people which were there in the room, all fanatical fans of the Impact family and experience.  We were moving together as one unstoppable force of nature to create massive impact on someone who had no idea what could happen to her in a brief 30 minutes.

That’s what I’m good at.

Over the years, I’ve brought together highly engaged audiences of fanatical fans and created some of the most visited and ENGAGED communities in the history of the Internet.

It started with an amazing success story and community called Affiliate Showcase that launched into the top 3,000 sites on the Internet and stayed there for years!  Many of the early pioneers of the Internet found a home there and it generated a quarter million dollars of RECURRING revenue in the first six months after it’s launch.

That was a single joint venture, completely done via e-mail and I quickly recognized the power of working together, because working together we can do so much more than we can apart.

When I saw what a single joint venture could do, I started to look for more.  Over a decade ago, the invitation only community of jvAlert started with some simple invitations to some of the top marketers in the world.

That highly engaged community worked together to build mailing lists of over a million subscribers, millions of dollars in successful launch campaigns and when we invited over 30 million subscribers of our members to join jvAlert was catapulted to a rank of #362 out of ALL of the millions of websites on the Internet worldwide.

In 2009, I created a social network that attracted fans so fanatical that in BETA we reached the top 3,000 sites on the Internet.  People LIVED on the site.

And finally, last year when a mastermind challenged me as to whether I could STILL create high traffic websites, I launched a website from scratch and launched it into the top 1% of the top 1% within weeks.

That’s what I’m good at.  Creating raving fans for your ideas, products and services and driving them into a highly engaged community.

I’ll get to what I’m NOT good at in just a moment!

As I said, the experience of being with these amazing people for a day was remarkable.

We focused on 10 remarkable projects and explored the ways to get past roadblocks and uncover undiscovered opportunities.  The people were thrilled, but no one wanted it to end.

Over the weekend I fine-tuned a plan to bring together some remarkable people and the skills that I’m REALLY good at into an incredible top-level mastermind, because I LOVE the powerful experience of helping people in a small high-level experience to use the art, science and technology to reach millions by working together to maximize results.

The core was to bring my special talents and the knowledge built up over the past … WAY too many years … to attract a powerful group of high achievers and create something very special.

This special group would form a special bond of synergy by meeting live in person 3 times over the next 12 months to lift each other up, to share our combined experiences and to collaborate to build highly engaged raving fans to each of our individual projects.

As I shared my special vision with the group on Thursday, I had a number of remarkable people who expressed interest.  The POSSIBILITIES were incredible …

But, as my lovely wife says, you can’t cash POSSIBILITIES at the bank!

For a long time now, I’ve been TALKING about doing this and my friends and followers have been expressing solid interest.  The possibilities were enormous, but I just couldn’t seem to pull the trigger, because ….

Here’s what I’m NOT good at!

Asking for the money.

If you have been following me long enough to get to know me, you already know I’m NOT motivated by money.  I’m thrilled at having an impact, but not so thrilled about asking for the money that it takes to drive real progress and deliver the massive results that we all want to achieve.  But, let’s be honest … money REALLY helps if you want to have a significant impact.

You KNOW this is true.

So on the final day of jvAlert Live, I had only 30 minutes to tell the people in the room about my vision.

I told them about how being the son of my remarkable 91 year old father shaped my life and gave me a gift for bringing diverse people together.

I reminded them of the powerful moment when we changed a young woman’s life by working together to make a difference only one day before and how we raised over $50,000 worth of value by doing more together than we ever could have apart in a short 20 minutes.

I quickly told them the stories of building powerfully moving communities of raving fans that moved multiple websites into the top 3,000 on the Internet and then …


I reminded them of what I WASN’T good at and asked for their help.

Everyone in the room agreed that the communities I built were remarkable and the traffic massive and the difference we made together would last beyond my life.

And they all agreed that I was pretty bad at asking for the money.

When I told the people in the room I was planning a full year of working together with the Impact Mastermind holding THREE powerful live intimate, top-level mastermind events and the pricetag was $10,000, TWO of the people who had expressed interest to me before stood up live in the room and said that it was priced too low!

First Troy Broussard — a world-class SEO Expert, podcaster, information and affiliate marketer, speaker, online entrepreneur and avid writer who had completely WOWED our advanced track attendees as a speaker and who runs his own $25,000.00 mastermind — stood up and said, “Ken we have to talk about this price” because he said it was WAY too low.

Then Clark Stevenson, the brilliance behind Treadmilldoctor.com, the most trusted name in Fitness Equipment chimed in that HE thought it was underpriced too!

Then Troy said, “I’m in because I want to be the FIRST to join this incredible group!”

Then Clark Stevenson said, “I’m in too!”

Then Debz Collins stepped up and said, “Well Troy you CAN’T be the first because I already told Ken last night that I wanted to be in the group!”

Debz coordinates and supports the complex video and multimedia production needs for top speakers and trainers in the world including Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Joseph McClendon III, Keith Cunningham, and more. For over 15 years she has provided multimedia, photography, video production and video editing for Tony Robbins live events serving 100-12,000+ participants for more than 140 events on five continents around the world.

Can you imagine the power in this group!

But there was more …

Just before I went on stage, Mitch Axelrod, Best-selling author of the New Game of Selling told me, “Ken I’m in if you want me there!”

Mitch consults with Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses and individuals on how to boost income, increase sales and profits and derive more fun, fulfillment and satisfaction from work. Mitch has helped more than one million people and thousands of companies generate $2.5 billion of additional income. Mitch shows you how to apply high leverage to boost your revenue, take home income and net worth. Mitch is the world’s leading authority in playing and winning the new game of business.

So I turned to the crowd and said, and there’s a guy sitting in the back of the room in a bright yellow shirt who told me just before I went up on stage that he wanted in!

The crowd went absolutely WILD!

What a great moment and what a great start for the Impact mastermind, but it didn’t end there!

Jill Lublin, the co-author of Guerrilla Publicity and the author of a wide range of best-selling books has worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, and other national and international media as a highly regarded publicity expert. She has been featured in The New York Times, Women’s Day, Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur, and Inc. magazines asked me if SHE could be in the group!

Noam Kleiman, Alfredo and Gonzalo Saloma – the Market Leaders behind Marketizer.com the Leading Business and Information Portal worldwide for the Manufacturing Industry asked me if THEY could be in the Impact Mastermind!

With over 12 years of operation, the site now has more than 14 million page views per month, more than 4 million visits and tens of thousands of monthly business opportunities.

Steven Memel – Recognized internationally for his voice and performance coaching skills, his clients include Grammy award winners Adam Levine and Maroon 5, Academy Award nominee Drew Barrymore, and Tony award winner Lauren Bacall if you can imagine that — asked me if HE could be in the group!

Then at the very close of the event as I was packing up my equipment and headed up the elevator to my room, Eric Graham – Internationally recognized as a leading authority on eCommerce and Internet Marketing asked me if he could have a few minutes to talk.

Eric Graham is the founder and CEO of several highly successful online and offline companies and a BRILLIANT behind the scenes marketer, so of course I said, “sure tag along as I go up to my room and get rid of this gear.”

That’s when Eric asked me if HE could be in the Impact Mastermind.

Well, there are only 6- 12 slots maximum for this group, so what do you think I told them?

Yes! of course!  How could I turn down any of THESE remarkable people.

I can’t imagine a group of more brilliant, compassionate and passionate marketers and business people in the world to have this adventure with.

Unless maybe YOU joined us.

These remarkable people are ALREADY in!

Mitch Axelrod, Troy Broussard, Steven Memel, Jill Lublin, Debz Collins, Clark Stevenson, Eric Graham and Noam Kleiman, Alfredo and Gonzalo Saloma (luckily three people for one project).

That means eight of the MAXIMUM of twelve slots are completely filled, which means that I can only add four more people at the most.

BEFORE I left for Denver a number of other people — who couldn’t make it to Denver — said that they were interested in being in the group.

So you definitely need to let me know right now if you want to join this Impact Mastermind.

There is DEFINITELY nothing like this group and if you want to build YOUR audience I can’t think of a more powerful group to help you create your own highly engaged mass of fanatical fans using the art, science and technology we will share within this group.

Why me?

Because I’ve been creating magic like this for over a decade and a half online.

Why now?

Because this is the perfect time to start something NEW, fresh and exciting and because this remarkable group of individuals will NEVER start anything like this together again, because magic like this doesn’t strike twice in the same place.

Why this?

Because it’s totally unique and powerful and can’t be duplicated.  It’s a powerful system that YOU can replicate in your own business.  I didn’t do this by accident and I didn’t do it alone.

YOU can take this system and with the help of the group run with it …. straight to the top!

Why YOU?

Imagine what a difference a community of highly engaged raving fans can make on your life, your dreams and your bottom-line.  You deserve some magic and right now is your time.

But ….

Let me know right now if you want to be involved.  ALL of those people I just mentioned signed up within hours and right now I’m sending this out to over 20,000 of my best subscribers.

We WILL close the group when we hit the maximum of 12 if not before, because this is designed to be intimate, powerful and connected.

We just can’t create that kind of magic with more than 12 people involved.

We will gather as a group in three powerful LIVE mastermind events that will last 2 days each so that we can make sure that EVERYONE in the group has time to explore all of the possibilities open to them, crush roadblocks and maximize their success.

In between the mastermind events, I’ll be sharing my system and we will develop the action plans to move each of our members rapidly into their own audience of raving fans in a traffic driving avalanche of awesome results.

I’m excited beyond belief and I want to start right away, so you can’t wait.  Blink and this unique opportunity will be gone.

That’s not sales hype, it’s just reality.

Let me know what you think, but don’t wait.

All the best,

Ken McArthur

About Ken McArthur

Ken challenges us to realize we ALL have an impact – whether we want to or not – on thousands of people who we touch in our day-to-day lives by demonstrating that simple things make a HUGE difference. The popular host of a series of live events that bring together top-level marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations and non-profit organizations to create multi-million dollar joint venture relationships – he creates incredible, intense impact for product launches and multi-million dollar profits in surprisingly short timeframes. Regularly asked to speak at leading marketing events, he has managed product launches ranked in the top 400 sites on the Internet. Ken McArthur is also the creator of AffiliateShowcase.com, a pioneering affiliate program search engine and directory system and the founder of the MBS Internet Research Center, which conducted the world’s largest survey ever attempted on the subject of creating and launching successful information products. Not satisfied to concentrate entirely on large organizations, Ken also works with select individuals to help them create a decent living utilizing the power of the Internet. Ken was the official mentor for Sterling Valentine as he took his launch from ZERO to over $100,000 in less than 8 days. Ken and Sterling documented the process as a “proof of concept” for Info Product Blueprint a massive home study course that is the “bible” of info product creation. Ken offers top-level coaching and mentoring programs designed to help individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations reach masses of people using the techniques, tactics strategies and systems that he has developed specifically to help people spread their ideas, products and services around the globe.

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