NAMS Attendees ONLY Offer – Impact Assessment and One Day Intensive


I’ll keep this very simple.

There are two parts to this offer.

PART ONE: Impact Assessment

For everyone I work with personally in my top-level masterminds, I’ve developed a powerful Impact Assessment designed to help you see what your strengths are, what strategies and tactics you might be missing and what your focus should be.

It’s a combination of a 26 page, intensive and comprehensive questionnaire followed by a private, one-on-one consultation with me, either in person or by telephone to go over your results.

PART TWO: Guest Pass to ANY One-Day-Intensive Event

(This event is held in Multiple Locations around the country, multiple times a year.)

What if I could spend an entire day with you and a very small group of amazing people. Coaching and mentoring you personally on your way to success.

Small Group Mentoring!

We spend an entire day talking about YOUR projects, the roadblocks YOU were up against and how to plow through them.  We keep going until we talk about every question YOU have and explore countless opportunities.


The results are amazing!

Here’s what Barry McLawhorn said after driving all the way from Alexandria, VA and attending my “Day With Ken” event.


Coming to your "One Day Intensive" was a barrier-bursting experience.

Simple tweaks that you suggested to the "Let Us Help You Blog" have
lead indirectly (perhaps via the Law of Attraction) to the following:

1)  Nearly Free professional office space.
2)  Invitations to speak at events hosted by 4 organizations
3)  A No Cost Ad to 80,000 Upscale Households in the DC Metro
4)  Several unexpected co-branding and JV opportunities
5)  Reconnection with some old Internet Marketing buddies
6)  A budding mastermind of all of the talent I was seeking
7)  A license with a skilled social media firm to ease our workload


One other pending deal that is too big and too confidential to disclose...

I expected great things ... I can't wait to drive 3 hours again
(from Alexandria,Virginia to Philadelphia to spend "A Day With Ken"

Very truly yours,

Barry C. McLawhorn

Quick and powerful results!

We meet in the morning at 9 AM and spend the day working together on ANYTHING that you want to talk about.

This is NOT a day filled with presentations and instruction.

Here’s your chance to pick my brain for as long as you like and to get to meet some great people who could be potential joint venture partners for YOUR project.

I preach it all the time, but at the risk of repeating myself …

It’s all about building LONG-TERM relationships.

The huge advantage that you have in attending this event is that we get to spend that quality time together without the distractions of a room of a hundred or more people and that will give us the time to focus specifically on YOUR projects.

No qualifications needed!

It really doesn’t matter where you are right now — experienced marketer or brand new to everything.

Since we can talk about ANYTHING you want to talk about, I’ll be there to take you from exactly where you are now and head you towards where you want to go.

We help you evaluate your strengths and teach you to overcome challenges!

And we will make it easy for you!  That’s what teamwork is all about!

Here’s What Donna Serdula Said About One Day Intensive

[youtube width=”854″ height=”510″][/youtube]

So what does it take to participate?

The regular price for the One Day Intensive ALONE is $997.00, but to make this a no-brainer for you I’m offering this package to NAMS Attendees ONLY for only $297.


Let’s get you to the next step today!

All the best,

Ken McArthur

Best-Selling Author and Producer
The Impact Factor Movie
The Impact Masterminds
The Impact Action Plan Workshops

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Click here to get my latest hardcover book!

And more, more, more.

P.S. Got a note from television anchor/reporter Janet Vasil after she attended my last “Day With Ken” event!
Here’s what she said …

Attending the "One Day Intensive" event was an exhilarating
experience.  I and a handful of lively entrepreneurs spent an
entire day sitting around a table talking with Ken about our
individual projects and obstacles. 

Not only was I able to discuss my own plans and challenges
in detail with Ken face-to-face, but I learned from hearing about
the other participants' ventures and noting the insights and
suggestions Ken gave them. 

I am a former television anchor/reporter and I want to help
entrepreneurs, service professionals and other experts step into
the online spotlight to attract more clients and customers by producing
Done-For-You polished, professional social video marketing pieces for
them to use to share their story and spread their message to a wider

My plan is to host one-day and multi-day "Get Virtually Famous"

I came away validated that the actions I am taking to make this happen
are on the right track and committed to implementing ideas Ken gave me
to lay the groundwork for these future workshops by speaking to local
business groups, offering consulting service packages to individual experts
now and developing a membership site. 

If you care about succeeding in your entrepreneurial journey,
"One Day Intensive" is an opportunity well worth your time. 

Janet Vasil