Ken McArthur's Beginner's "How to Make Money" On-line Event
Friday, July 23rd, 2010 - New York City ...

 Marketing Beginners Beware!

"Miss Just ONE of These Three Crucial Elements and You Won't Make a Dime Online!"

Watch this video and discover why some people never make a dime on the Internet and how YOU crush that barrier in a single day ...

Dear Friend,

Watch the video and meet my wonderful friend Frank Sousa ...

Frank once offered to fly across the country to have lunch with me.

We turned that lunch into an amazing event called jvAlert Live and after the first one, we sat on a couch and talked about what we wanted to do next.

Since then lots of things have happened.

I've been able to experience remarkable people doing remarkable things together in what has become known as the jvAlert/Impact and now Tobri family of amazing people.

What an adventure it has been!

Recently, Frank and I sat down in San Diego to celebrate the multi-million dollar sale of his interest in a business called Traffic Geyser.

Traffic Geyser was created literally on the back of a napkin at a jvAlert Live Event in Philadelphia.

We talked about all of the many people who had come to jvAlert Live and Impact Events through the years and how their lives had changed.

We also talked about the people who have been coming to events for years and never reached the success they envisioned.

Frank and I share a mission to help you have the impact you dream about.

We want you to be able to make a decent living in every sense of the world.

We want you to be able to look your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends ... ANYONE who you want to respect you - right in the eyes and be proud of what you are doing to solve real problems and make a difference in this noisy world.

Some people have been incredibly successful.

And others are still in the same place as they were five years ago.

So what's the difference?

Well first off ... Frank and I both have to accept that not everyone is cut out to make money online.

We all CAN ... but maybe the Internet lifestyle really ISN'T for you!

I know given my usual passion for the Internet and it's power to change lives for the better ... it's a little sacrilegious to say something like that.

But it's the truth.

Not everyone who THINKS they want to make money online really does.

Some people would rather work in McDonalds than work for themselves and that's WONDERFUL!

Otherwise, we would never be able to have a quick hamburger.

But for the people who really DO want to have their own business or even just earn a few extra bucks for a night out on the town, the Internet can be magic and that doesn't even mention the countless people who are out of work, disabled, responsible for taking care of kids or parents or have any of the countless other problems challenging them as they make their way through this adventure called life.

Making decent money on the Internet can change your life in MANY ways.

Frank and I talked about the specifics ... Who made it, who didn't and why and we came up with a surprisingly simple difference between the people who did ... and the people who didn't.

No ... it's NOT taking action!

We all take action every day!

Frank and I have watch people take action after for years and never get ANYWHERE!

The simple difference was ...

Successful people made their first dollar.

We can strategize, plan, partner, produce, perfect and dream, but there are ...

THREE things you NEED to make money online.

If you don't have all three you will NEVER make a dime.

And if you do ... you will!

The first thing you need is a PRODUCT OR SERVICE TO SELL.

You don't have to create it yourself. You can beg, borrow or even steal it -- although you can get quality products to sell just by ASKING for them -- and it doesn't have to be comprehensive, perfect or even pretty.

It can be something as simple as an ebook or as complex as a live event with 30,000 people in attendance.

But you have to have something to sell or you will NEVER make money.

The second thing you need is an AUDIENCE.

If you don't have anyone to sell to then you won't make any money. It can be one guy standing on the street corner, ten people in a mailing list or your Mom or Dad, but if you don't have an audience you won't make money.

The third thing you need is CONVERSION.

If you can't convince your audience to hand you money for what you are selling, you will never make a dime.

Success can be one person, buying one e-book for a dollar and ANYONE can achieve that!

But most people don't.

They plan and strategize about keywords, copywriting, seo, pay-per-click, hot new trends, video, social networking ... the list is endless, but the profits aren't.

If you create a product, gather an audience and convert one prospect to a paid customer you have the system.

You can always ...

I'm planning something I've never done before  ...

It's specifically for people who are just starting out.

Most of my work is with mid to high level marketers, experts, business leaders and visionaries, but this time I'm on a mission to help beginners during a one-day live event designed to get you to the first dollar.

I believe if I get you to the first dollar, you can grab onto a whirlwind of information, ideas and systems to get to the next level, and the next ... for as long as you want to keep moving up.

The key is to get you EXPERIENCE the process!

I want you to be able to see it. Touch it. Feel it and KNOW you can DO THIS, not in days, weeks or months, but in a single day.

This is not about a thousand details or a thousand ways to make money ... I can show you thousands for sure!

But this event is all about helping you to find exactly what you want to do every morning when you get up
Not passively, but with a passion driving you through a new adventure every day.

If you can get to this one day event, cut through all the NOISE that is out there about making money on line and get to the first DOLLAR ... you will be a success.

Don't make this harder than it is.

All you need to do is be there for a day and make the commitment to follow the steps.

I can personally help you with all three during this simple one day event.

Come in for a special networking dinner the night before and plan to stay for a networking breakfast the morning after.

I'm going to have some surprise guests in the building who you will definitely want to connect with.

I want to do this now, before things REALLY take off with my new startup in the Fall. If I don't do it this summer, I may never be able to do this.

This is the one event where I can really focus on people who are just starting out.

From there ... the limits are all in your head.

All you need to do is register right now.

I've kept this simple and affordable, so there's no reason to wait.

When you come to the networking dinner the night before, the full day live event and the breakfast the morning after, you've just experienced MAGIC for three solid days.

This Event is an Incredible VALUE!

As my event attendees know -- I'm ALWAYS about giving value so I'll be throwing in hundreds of hours of online training from some of the top experts in the world BEYOND the live event.

That means that once you've made your first dollar, you will have all of the SPECIFICS you need to expand that dollar into a solid business if you want to -- or you can just relax knowing you can have income when you need it for something special.

I'm looking forward to spending time with you and introducing you to some amazing people.

It's the first time I've offered this special beginner training and most likely I won't be able to do it again once Tobri is in full launch, so NOW is the time if you've ever wanted to do something like this.

Blink and it will be gone, because life really does move faster than you can imagine.

I hope you will grab this opportunity, so that we can meet in person!

All the best,

Ken McArthur

P.S. I promise to personally introduce you to some of the best people in the business and look forward to seeing you in person!

P.P.S. Most people can write this off of their taxes as a business expense, so ask your accountant and let the government cover the cost of this event..

Don't miss your one opportunity to expand your dreams.

Meet Ken McArthur ...

Roadtrip Event Host and Author of Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World.

Ken was the official mentor for Sterling Valentine as he took his launch from ZERO to over $100,000.00 in less than 4 days. of the amazing "Info Product Blueprint" -- a virtual encyclopedia of everything you ever wanted to know about creating your own information product and launching that product to significant sales.

"Info Product Blueprint" sold out it's first production run in under 48 hours and launched into the top 1,000 sites on the Internet according to Alexa.

Ken is also owner of, a membership site that helps people create Internet marketing joint ventures with top-level marketers.

jvAlert members, with a combined subscribership of over 5 MILLION subscribers, took jvAlert into the top 362 Sites on the Internet in it's first day of pre-launch according to and it was selected for Alexa's "Movers and Shakers" list of the top web sites on the Internet.

Ken is also the owner of which is an affiliate program search engine that you can customize and fill with your own affiliate links.

The AffiliateShowcase launch sold over a quarter MILLION dollars worth of membership in just the first six months.

AffiliateShowcase allows you to promote all of your affiliate programs from a single website and increase your commission from all of your affiliate programs.

Ken also created the MBS Internet Resource Center, (a great resource site for people wanting to do business on the Internet), the Marketing Thoughts Blog, the MBS Internet Research Center, (a site that allows over 300,000 members to earn cash filling out surveys) and the PortalCube™ portal software system, (which powers many of his client sites and of course AffiliateShowcase) just to name a few projects!

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Seating Is Extremely Limited!

Only 100 Spaces Are Available for the Event!

It's important that you know:

I've sent this invitation letter to thousands of internet marketers, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and other experts.

They're reading it right now, just like you are.

I know hundreds will want to attend.

Will Waiting a Day Cost You Your Seat?

Take control of your future success by taking action today!

Ken McArthur's Beginner's "Make Money Online" Roadtrip Event

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But ...

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Take action right now and register today!

Need More Reasons To Be There?

Read These Reviews of Ken McArthur's Best-Selling Book, Impact: How to Get Noticed Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World.

You have to be seen to sell and Impact is the most insightful and powerful step by step advice that anyone can follow and have tremendous impact right now! A must read for every entrepreneur, non-profit and business owner.

–Dave Lakhani, best-selling author of Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want

Ken McArthur is one of the most low-key geniuses I’ve ever met. I’ve never met anyone with such a big brain who had such a big heart.

–Mark Joyner, best-selling author of Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want

Stephen Covey meets Walt Disney.  That’s how I’d describe the world imagined and being worked towards in this super new book by Ken McArthur.  I hadn’t heard of Ken until about a week ago, and I bought the book based on what I’ve read about him on the web.  I am not just satisfied,  I’m deeply impressed.  This book is as practical as ‘The 7 Habits’ and as forward looking as ‘It’s a small world’.  I’ve been in business for 24 years and rate this book as ‘Top Shelf, keep it nearby’.

–Mike Saatkamp

Some can observe success and just comment on it.  Others can be successful but have little knowledge in conveying the road they took to get there.  Ken’s book tells you how to Impact not just your own life but how to make a great noise like cheese to attract those who are ready to make the next step into greatest stage on Earth.  Learning how to share your life’s experience is what we can use best to attract and impact other.  This book will impact all who read and share the experience with others you care about!

–Liam Case

The Nicest Guy in Internet Marketing is also one of the most BRILLIANT!

Several years ago, I had the privilege of meeting a gentleman who I have sinced dubbed “The nicest guy in Internet marketing.” His name is Ken McArthur and he is the chief architect behind the highly successful JV Alert Live conferences. You see, Ken is incredibly successful because he continually pours himself into the lives of those around him. Whether it launching careers of other marketers or freely sharing his knowledge and expertise with anyone who has the wisdom to listen, Ken is a living, breathing role model that I greatly respect.

The interesting thing about Ken is that he never toots his own horn. And believe me, he could if he wanted to! But by speaking softly and consistently helping others reach their goals, Ken McArthur makes an impact on lives every day.

If your expectations for the content of Ken’s book are high, you will not be disappointed! We all want our lives to make a difference. In “Impact”, you will learn the key strategies that the most influential people in the world use to achieve phenomenal success. Not only is Ken McArthur the nicest guy in Internet marketing, he is also one of the most brilliant and caring men you’ll ever meet. Get to know Ken through this book today.

–Joel Comm

Ken pulls you in easily with his warm sincere desire to help others and fascinating stories that connect perfectly to his message…then he forces you to really look at yourself and your place in the world. All this while he shows you exactly how to literally take control of whatever it is you desire, bring it about, and impact the world in a positive way.

That’s a heck of a lot to pack into any normal-sized book. But that’s just the way Ken does things. You can’t go wrong getting this book for yourself. You’ll have an immediate impact on the world if you get several and make sure your friends and family have a copy, too.

–Alan R. Bechtold

The Book Itself Moves Energy! Ever pick up a book and just from the feel of it know that it is THAT GOOD? Buy a copy now and use it. Drop everything else that you are doing! Have your friends buy copies and use them. I am not even done with it and it has already made a healthy difference in our lives. Celebrate and share with this wonderful book. We are the change that we seek. And there is nothing out there to stop us: Political and corporate corruption, warring nations, pollution, terrorism, the economy… are all realities and simply no longer excuses.

–Stephan Hawley

This BOOK will make a difference in this noisy world! Ken McArthur’s brilliant AND reachable writings in his new book, ‘Impact…’ will truly have a profound ‘impact’ on anyone who picks it up. There is a down-home, comfortable feel to the writing style, and certainly an inspiring wealth of information for anyone who wants to believe they CAN make a difference. This book is a call to action. It is a call to believe. It is also a collection of real-life examples of ordinary people doing- you guessed it- extraordinary things. Everyone wants to make a difference in the world. Let this extraordinary author show you some amazing strategies used by some of the world’s most successful people- and some very ordinary people. Then go create your OWN impact!

–Keith deBolt

Ken McArthur is THE guru on joint ventures.  In a world full of hype,  Ken is the real deal.  If you read only one book this year to help build your business,  Impact is the book to read.

–Kathy Goughenour

Ken McArthur is a man who impacts the world in several areas of service.  He is a community volunteer, a teacher and motivator in the world of internet marketing, an entrepreneur,  a gifted business coach, a spiritual inspiration to many, and now an author of import.  He knows all about Impact!

The lessons he has learned and systemized;  he is willing to share in his book Impact:  How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions, and Make A Difference In A Noisy World.

I have read his brilliant, first entrance into the world of hard copy publishing.  I have to say, he knows of what he speaks.  Ken has contact with some of the most intelligent and successful people in the world and he has the type of personality that is able to draw astounding and useful information from them. Because Ken is the kind of person that he is… he has a mission, in his spirit to affect all of those around him in the most positive way possible.

The information in his book is relevant, clear and specific.  If you have an area of life that you absolutely NEED to make a difference in, change, or just open doors to… this book is for you!

–Jeffrey Wellman