The Impact Factor Podcast

Podcast – Episode 16

In this podcast Ken talks to 6 Figure a Month Podcaster John Lee Dumas about how to build a mass audience using a podcast.

Podcast – Episode 15

This podcast talks about how to get a date with Drew Barrymore, how to make $100,000 in 90 days and how to create information products..

Podcast – Episode 14

This podcast talks about the good, bad and UGLY of life, what you are going through right now and how to make this year the best yet.

Podcast – Episode 12

This podcast talks about the key insights from Ken McArthur’s interview with Craig Newmark, the founder of Craig’s List.

Podcast – Episode 11

This podcast talks about the importance of solving a real problem and how that applies to your success in creating massive impact.

Podcast – Episode 10

This podcast talks about the three essential elements for creating impact, how to assess and leverage your skills and set your goals.

Podcast – Episode 9

This podcast talks about your timing, the importance of persistence and why creating impact now might be like picking up dog poop.